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Book Review and New Release: Ghosts of Kingston Cottage by Libby Bishop

Title: Ghosts of Kingston Cottage
Author: Libby Bishop
Genre: Paranormal romance
Published: 2013
Pages: 70
Format read: ebook
Rating: C+

She believes in ghosts…he believes in evidence.

Ghosts of Kingston Cottage is a short and sweet novella that is a testament to the eternal power of true love–with paranormal flair.

Arabella Pierce is a medium, working for Revenant Investigations of  Maine. A longtime resident of the state, she is thrilled when the case of a lifetime drops in her lap–the chance to investigate Kingston Cottage, a famous local paranormal site that has never allowed researchers in–until now. The catch? Her team of three is going to be accompanied by a reporter from Debunker Media, a group known for its tough stance on frauds and cheats. Arabella knows that her talents–and those of her fellow investigators–are real, but she’s been burned in the past by unscrupulous reporters. Can she focus on her job and get it done? Or will “Mr. Skeptic” get in her way?

Lucas Brown’s job has taken him all over the globe, hunting everything from ghosts to Bigfoot. He goes into an investigation with an open mind, but he has a sharp eye for the truth and his conclusions are based on evidence. His articles are thought-provoking, but about 90% of those he has investigated for his paper have turned out to be on the wrong side of honest. Is he out to “get” Arabella’s team? Or are his motives pure? Arabella wishes she knew, because she finds herself drawn to the handsome reporter. Her instincts have lead her wrong in the past, though…

Overall, I enjoyed Ghosts. It was definitely a light read, but entertaining. Arabella’s team quickly discovers the source of the ghostly complaints at the cottage–a married couple, Katie and Seamus, who had perished separately decades before and seemed to be doomed to spend eternity apart. Honestly, as much as I enjoyed the modern protagonists–and I did–the story of the two ghosts offered up much more drama and suspense. Arabella and Lucas had a bit of the insta-love effect going on–Arabella’s “I can never trust a man again” hand-wringing aside–but the two ghosts were really the stars of the show. Their love for each other–and Katie’s spirit’s blindness to what was really important about their relationship–is really what drove the plot. Arabella and Lucas’s story just didn’t have the same dramatic impact. The conclusion that Seamus and Katie leave us with, though, is definitely worth the price of admission.

In a nutshell: Light paranormal romance with a touching message about lasting love. C+ rating, and  a good way to pass an hour or two.

I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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