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New Release and Review: Somebody to Love by Lori Wilde (A Cupid, Texas novel) Plus, book one on sale today!

A professor of archaeology with abs like that? Indiana Jones flashbacks, anyone? 😉

Title: Somebody to Love
Author: Lori Wilde
Published: 2013
Series: Cupid, Texas (#3)
Pages: 364
Format read: print (paperback)


New York Times bestselling author Lori Wilde invites you back to Cupid, Texas, where love is only a heartbeat away . . .

Sexy cowboy-scholar Jericho Chance always knows exactly what he wants and how to get it. And after sauntering back home to Cupid, he’s shocked to discover that he wants Zoe McCleary. After years from home, he takes one new look at his bubbly best friend, with her lightning smarts and luscious body, and it hits him like a bolt: she’s his somebody to love and he’s not leaving town again without her.

Settling down always seemed like a time waster to Zoe, a man magnet with a trail of broken hearts behind her. She’s not meant to settle down—but how can she resist someone as persuasive as Jericho? There’s no way they can ignore the explosive chemistry seething between them . . . even if it means risking their friendship…

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This one was a mixed bag for me.

Things I liked:

– Friends to lovers–one of my favorite troupes
– Archaeology angle–neat addition to the story; I especially loved the terms and definitions at the beginning of each chapter. My inner social studies geek really appreciated them 🙂
– Ending cuteness

Things that didn’t quite work:

– The hero’s nickname for Zoey–“Zoe-Eyes” just sounded wrong in my head
– It felt like we were being hit over the head with the “Zoey is flighty and irresponsible” refrain from all angles–and it got old quick. First, she didn’t seem to be all that bad; it was definitely a case of more telling than showing. Second, she absolutely could have been a cat owner from the beginning–they’re pretty self sufficient
– The mystery/suspense angle came off as a bit on the silly side; I had a hard time taking that part of it seriously
– Ditto the parallels to the historical couple
– The main relationship conflict felt forced
– The term “ear-scorching kiss” yanked me right out of the love scene. I’ll admit it’s been a while, but ear-scorching? How does that even work?

In all, Somebody to Love is a decent read. It didn’t quite work for me, but I did enjoy the return to the town of Cupid (though we don’t see a whole lot of it or its inhabitants in this one) and the nerdy history bits. Many fans of the series seem to have loved it though, so if you’re one of them, give it a shot!

C rating.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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Conveniently, book one in the series, Love at First Sight, is part of today’s Kindle Daily Deal–only $1.99! I gave it three stars–I liked the prequel and book two in the series best so far–but it’s definitely worth $1.99.
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