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An Interview with Alisa Anderson and Cameron Skye, Authors of Fallen Angel (part one)


Co-authors Alisa Anderson and Cameron Skye are here today, talking about writing and their new book series–Fallen Angel!


Welcome, Cameron and Alisa! I’m so glad you can both be here today 🙂 Tell us more about your book—take us beyond the official “book blurb”.


This is a story of a very flawed, very damaged young woman who doesn’t quite realize just how much she is in over her head until it is almost too late.  She has knack for getting involved with all the wrong men and doesn’t know how to break away.  You find yourself routing for this girl half of the time because of her spirit.  She’s been kicked around, she’s been beaten down, but never has given up. The other half of the time you want to wring her neck.




Give us more info about your main characters—who are they?


Well, what readers do not know is all the characters in this book are semi-autobiographical based on events from my life.

Jess is a young girl who is lost due to events that happened in her life.  She is searching for love and usually finds it in all the wrong places.  This is a girl who always had big dreams and the courage to go off and make them happen.

Eric is a rock star in his own mind.  He likes things done his way and if they aren’t, there is usually trouble.

Nick Roman is a very complex character.  He’s cocky and secure yet vulnerable.  He’s often misunderstood.  His actions are usually based in trying to protect those he loves and usually they are questionable.

Hmmm…semi-autobiographical, huh, Cameron? Interesting… 😉



What scene in your book was the most fun to write, and why?


I love writing dialogue, especially between the main characters.  I’m always a firm believer in show don’t tell.  So, when the dialogue can really show the passion and chemistry between two people, that is what really sales the story for me.

I’m with you there–showing beats telling any day!



How long have you been writing, and what (or who) inspired you to start?


I’ve been writing scientific research papers for over five years.  Alisa was the one who inspired me to try my hand at writing romance.  She thought I had a story to tell.


I’ve been writing since I was about 8 years old.  I’ve been writing poetry, music, fiction, you name it.

Wow–that’s great, both of you!



What do you like best about being a writer?


The freedom to express my thoughts freely.  With no one looking over my shoulder.



What is the most challenging part of being a writer?


Writing romance is very different than writing scientific research.   In research you state facts and leave emotion or opinion out.  With writing romance, it’s all about emotion. I found it hard to express feeling without thinking I was doing something wrong.  Alisa had to keep telling me, show don’t tell.


Procrastination and focus.  Two words that almost every writer I know has a hard time with.  The next thing would be writing a good love scene that (a) not completely corny and stupid and (b) that it’s not repetitious and done before. Love scenes are really, really, REALLY hard.

But think how much more interesting you could make scientific research by throwing in a little romance! 😉 
Writing love scenes definitely seems intimidating–whenever I read a really good one, I’m not at all sure I could write one like that myself…


What are you working on right now? What can readers look for from you in the next year?


For me, Books Two and Three of Fallen Angel.  Not sure where the story will end at this point.


Naturally working on Books Two and Three of Fallen Angel.  Continuing the Give and Receive Series.  Finally releasing Erotic Edibles, my first book of erotic poetry and my first paranormal series, called Kindred.

You two sound busy–that’s great!


What authors and/or books have inspired you?


Maya Angelou, Nikki Giovanni and of course Alisa Anderson.  *grins*


*inserts laughter* Well, thanks for that.  I would have to say that a lot of romance out today.  I love Kresley Cole, Maya Banks, Gena Showalter, Megan Heart. Some of my old school favorites are Jayne Anne Krentz, Johanna Lindsey, Jude Deveraux and Jackie Collins

That’s so sweet, Cameron! Great lists, both of you.



What are you currently reading?


Not too anything exciting on my end.  I think it’s a paper on GABA-A Receptors in the brain.


*eyes Cameron* I’m re-reading Jasmine Haynes.

Hmmm. I have to say Alisa wins this one.



Please share a favorite scene from your books with our readers.

Time to face the music. Do or die this time.

She had tried everything at this point. Knocked on every door, stood in every line, went to every audition. Nothing. Don’t call us, we’ll call you. She was so sick of that shit. If she heard it one more time, she would scream bloody murder.

It had been over six months since she arrived in New York. Her money was close to non-existent. If she didn’t do something soon, she would be completely broke. Thank god her best friend Allison was living there too, or she would have been homeless.

“What the hell am I doing here?”

Allison wrapped her arm around Jessie’s shoulders. “It’s no different than dancing on a Broadway stage. You’ll make a ton of money, and you have the rest of the day for auditions. What’s not to love?”

“Right. And tell me you’re not just trying to make me feel better.”

“Well…yeah. I am.” Jess punched her arm.

“What?It’s true.”Allison laughed and yanked her hair.

“But also because it’s the truth. Trust me. How long have I been here, Jess? I know we had different plans when we were kids, but plans change. This is how it has to be for now, ok? Just for now, until that first gig comes through. So come on.  Don’t chicken out on me.  I told him you’d be here. He’s expecting you.”

As they walked through the doors of Takers Gentlemen’s Club, Jess scanned the room to see who all was there. The place looked empty, thank god.  Her eyes darted around quickly, nervously, taking it all in- the stage, the tables, the VIP Room. The club definitely looked less seedy from the inside, but it was no Broadway stage, that’s for sure.

“I cannot believe I am here right now.” She muttered under her breath. Allison must have heard her, because she shot her a look, urging her to shut up.

Jess ignored her. “Allie…I need a line. Some kind of rush to make me go through with this. Hook me up?”

“Jesus, Jess, if Nick catches you-”

“Allie, just give me some coke, will you? I need it to calm my nerves.” She sat down on the edge of the stage and dipped her pinky finger in the bag Allison held out to her. She quickly sniffed, feeling the rush up her nose as she instantly felt ten feet high. Like she could fly. Much better. Her nervousness slightly depleted, but not entirely.

She continued scanning, looking for a reason, any reason at all, to run like hell out of there and not look back.

That’s when she saw him.

His dark looks caused her to take in a deep breath.  He wasn’t exactly what you’d call beautiful, but lord this man had something about him; a dangerous yet vulnerable vibe, that made her want to take him in her arms and hold him…and seek her own protection. He slowly walked across the club to where they were standing and her chest tightened. She literally could not breathe.

“Who do we have here?” His voice was deep. Deceptively mild.

“This is the girl I told you about, Nick.  The one auditioning for the open slot.” Allison pushed Jess forward, and she glared back at her.

He looked Jess up and down. She could swear she saw him lick his lips.

“Where you from, kid?”


“Really. New York, eh?” His tone was mocking.

Jess cleared her throat. “Kansas.”

“Ah. Better.”

“I wasn’t trying to lie, if that’s what you were thinking.”

“I wasn’t aware you were a mind reader.”

“I’m not.”

“Then how do you know what I’m thinking?”

Jess bristled. “I don’t. If you recall, I said, if that’s what you were thinking. Never said that’s what you were thinking.”

Nick eyed her sharply. Jess willed herself to watch her smart mouth. It always managed to get her in trouble. Allison looked like she was turning a shade of green.

“So what’s your name, kid?”

“Why do you care?”

“Jess!” Allison shot her a look she ignored. She was irritated, and getting tired of feeling so defensive. It reminded her of her father.

“Because I own the fucking place, that’s why.”

“Again, why do you care?” She gave a humorless smile that didn’t meet her eyes.

“All that fucking matters is that I get onstage and take my clothes off, right?”

“You got a massive chip on your shoulder, kid. Anyone ever tell you that?”

“Anyone ever tell you that you ask too many questions?”

Nick stared at Jess for a few seconds and finally burst out laughing. She had nerve, that’s for sure. He’d probably killed men for less. She almost wanted him to spare her the same mercy.

Sometimes she thought it would be better than her shitty life.

“Don’t ever do coke on my stage, kid. Cops will be on my ass.”

Allison looked horrified. “Nick I-”

“Don’t worry about it, Allie.” He stuck out his hand and clasped Jess’ hand into his. “Nick Roman. Welcome to Takers.”

His touch reverberated up her arm and down her spine.

What the fuck was that?

He grinned at her and she felt the tingle go through her entire body.

Oh, yeah.

This man was seriously bad news. One she knew she needed to stay away from.  She was fully aware of his reputation from Allison. Not only with the ladies, but of being a notorious Mafioso. She also knew he was very much married, an arranged marriage at that, but supposedly there was some story there and she was never discussed. Ever.

Nick swung his leg over a chair and sat down. “Okay, let’s see what you got. Get on the stage and I’ll cue Mikey when you’re ready. Oh and kid…how do you feel about going topless?”

Jess hesitated for a moment before she climbed on the stage.

This was the end of the line for her. She was desperate now. If she didn’t make this work, it was back to Kansas for her. Back to her old life, back to her family…back to her father…back to his world.

Becoming the failure he always said she would be. Not this time.

He would never get the opportunity to touch her again.

She shivered. She was never going back to them. Or him. She was done with that portion of her life. Not even if said life, depended on it.

Which, in a way, it kind of did. For her piece own piece of mind, for her sanity, to escape the dark recesses of her mind and find some semblance of happiness, she needed this.  Just once, it would be nice to get a decent night’s sleep.

No nightmares. No terror filled panic attacks, wondering if tonight was the night her father emptied his gun in her head. No dreaded anticipation of what was to come.

Foul, alcohol-laced breath…sweaty hands…suffocating her…moving all over her body, touching her…violating her…going places no father should ever be…

“Kid? Are you okay?” Nick’s voice jolted her out of her thoughts and she looked up sharply and met his gaze. It was too late to mask the gnawing fear and haunted, raw, naked ache in her eyes. She knew he could see it all.

What surprised her was his curiously knowing silence. As if he knew exactly what she was thinking and feeling, and could relate. He was giving her an out, no questions asked.

One that she was not going to take. Jess shook herself.

“No, but I will be. But will you, I mean will they be able to touch my boobs?” If he caught the slip, he didn’t let on. “And why did you ask me where I was from, if you already knew?” She was annoyed at both him and herself for the slip.

And for the warmth gathering between her legs.

There was an awkward pause before Nick finally spoke.

“I ask because I can. It’s my club. You got a problem, there’s the door.”

Nick arched his brow at her.

She nodded and glanced away. Ass.

He continued. “Now then. No touching by others, period. However, there are no rules for me but one. You’ll never have to do anything you aren’t good with. That, I can promise.”

Why the fuck did he promise that?  Jess wasn’t about to ask.

“Mikey, Hot Child in City. When you’re ready, kid.” He leaned forwarded and put a cigar in his mouth.

As the music started playing, Jess wasn’t really sure what to do at first.

How the hell am I going to do this?

She closed her eyes and started swaying to the music. When she opened them she looked directly at him and something took over. She found herself dancing for him, seducing him with each hip grind and twirl around the pole. It was as if they were the only ones in the room.

She noticed the more she danced the harder he breathed. He was actually getting a rather large hard on and didn’t seem to care if she knew.  He was feeding her, and she got lost in his eyes and forgetting they were in a club. His club.


He was intrigued with her from the moment he saw her. Her blond hair was shining in the lights. He could see through the white tank top she wore as it stretched over her exquisite breasts. Her stomach was flat, even her belly button looked inviting to him.  Her long legs were gorgeous, and those tight black shorts she wore outlined every curve of her shapely ass.

He swallowed hard. How was it she could be so fucking hot yet be so angelic and innocent? What was she, all of nineteen? And what was it about this girl he felt he needed to protect? What was she hiding behind those eyes that hid a lifetime of pain, and were much wiser than her years? He didn’t know much about her but planned on finding out. That was for fucking sure.

He heard the music stop.

Just like that, the spell was broken. He got his emotions in check before he made an idiot over some girl, a child, he barely knew.

“Not half bad. The club is open from seven till three. The slot is two nights a week. I don’t pay my girls but you’ll be well taken care of. Tips are yours, except for the ten percent I take off the top for allowing you to dance on my stage.”

“Your stage name is Manhattan. Remember it.”

He got up from the chair and started walking toward the back. He turned and looked at her standing on the stage.

“See you at six, kid. That is, if you’ll be back.”

Jess climbed off the stage.

“Thanks Mr. Roman.”

“Call me Nick.”

“Of course…Mr. Roman.” She smiled at him. She looked cocky.

He got up to walk to his office. That girl was trouble.

“Just what the fuck I need.” He closed his office door and sighed.

She was going to be his… He had to have her. That much was obvious.

No matter the cost.


Thanks so much, you two! Great interview!

Keep reading to learn more about Alisa and Cameron, and all about Fallen Angel!


Author Bios:

Alisa Anderson

well…alisa did stuff and is still doing stuff. only now she has two boys crazy enuff to want her as their mommy. hey, at least she tried to warn them, so her job is done. she doesn’t like to capitalize, partially because she likes how lower case letters look visually, but mostly out of laziness. please don’t judge. it could be you. and she would say, hey. you’re alright, buddy. you’re ok in my book. now c’mere for a hug. the hug might be pushing it. air kiss? you are strangers, after all, with only a mutual love of poor grammar.

​she lives for a world full of controllable anatomically correct, android men programmed to meet her specific feminine needs (wink, wink, nudge, nudge with a big waggle of the eyebrows). who look like the rock. and ian somerhalder. and idris elba. and that’s it she promises. variety. gotta have variety, right?

​but alas…apparently that exists only in johanna lindsey’s genius mind. so until then, she enjoys her incredibly warped sense of humor. she reads tons of erotica and romantic, drippy goo that makes her heart go pitter patter. then she thought, hey. what, she said to herself. (softly, of course, so no one finds out she is indeed, 2 nuts short of a fruitcake) maybe you should write this stuff too. maybe someone will like it and maybe buy it. so she said, huh, you think? then she said, well…yeah, i wouldn’t have suggested it…(inserts sarcastic tone) and then she was like lose the attitude, ok? then she was all, would you just shut up and write, already? sheesh! and she did. 🙂


Cameron Skye

When Cameron is not in the lab working toward a Ph.D., in Neuropsychopharmacology, which in laymen’s terms is basically finding the effects drugs have on mood and behavior, she is writing stories, crating vivid, intense characters you will never forget.

She believes while life can take you down every path but the right one, eventually everyone will find their happily ever after.

Does your mother know what you’re reading?



Cameron’s Website:





Fallen Angel
Alisa Anderson & Cameron Skye


Blurb:  When Jess packed up her belongings and fled her small hometown in Kansas, she never looked back. Free from her family’s dark past she was finally able to pursue her lifelong dream as a professional dancer. She never expected to find herself at his door…or at his club.

Nikolas was unlike any other man she had ever met. Sexy…Alluring…Predatory. Dangerous. The kind of man with more secrets than even she had. Every instinct warned Jess against knowing him further, but she always did like playing with fire…

Nikolas Roman took one look at Jess and knew she was trouble from the very start. But something about the defiant twist of her mouth and the wide, haunted eyes of a damaged soul touched him in places he had long ago thought dead. He knew he needed to stay far away from her for his own sanity, but like a moth to a flame he was helpless to resist…

Working at Takers gentleman’s club was the last place Jess thought she would find herself, but she quickly learned how the game was played. See what you want, take what you can get…but at what cost?


Part Two and Three coming soon…



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