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Author Stephanie Monahan Asks: Who’s Your Music Crush? (A Playlist and Giveaway for The Mean Girl Apologies)

 I’m so excited to have Stephanie Monahan here today, talking about her new release The Mean Girl Apologies!


Thank you Becky for letting me kick off my blog tour for THE MEAN GIRL APOLOGIES on your site!

In my book, Natalie’s 17 when she falls for Jack, the guy she never really noticed until the first time she hears him sing. These are a few of the songs that I listened to when writing the book. They have a few things in common—I think they’re great, and they’re all by male singer-songwriters upon whom I might harbor some minor crushes…


Damien Rice – Volcano

This song is moody, emotional, lush—the perfect rainy day song. It also doesn’t hurt that he’s pretty darn sexy.

Grant Lee Buffalo – Mockingbirds

So the video might be a little… strange, but if you close your eyes and listen, it’s hard not to get caught up in his soothing voice and the haunting melody. (Also known as Grant Lee Phillips, he’s the guy who showed up now and again singing on the streets of Stars Hollow in The Gilmore Girls. Just one of the many reasons I wish I lived there.)

Bruce Springsteen – Human Touch

Ah, Bruce. It’s seems like I’ve loved you forever! In my opinion, this song is perfect.  I love the idea of two world-weary people who don’t want much else besides each other. I really want to write something based on this song one day.



Matt Nathanson – Last Days of Summer in San Francisco

Matt is my newest music crush, and I’m pretty obsessed. Lots of his tunes were on my book playlist, but I think this is my favorite. It’s also the kind of music I imagine Jack would play.


Ryan Adams – Burning Photographs

This song has one of my favorite lines ever: “I used to be sad, now I’m just bored with you” – Ouch!! He’s got swagger and I like it!

Jeff Buckley – Forget Her

My ultimate music boyfriend! I first discovered Jeff Buckley in 10th grade. My BFF and I vowed to follow him around NYC after we graduated high school. Unfortunately he passed away in 1997 and we never even had the chance to see him live. This song inspired the idea that eventually became The Mean Girl Apologies. I couldn’t stop wondering how it must’ve felt to be the woman he’s singing out. I’m thinking she must have a regret or two…

Who is your music crush? Comment below to enter to win a free e-copy of THE MEAN GIRL APOLOGIES!


Author bio:stephanie monahan

Stephanie Monahan received her degree in English Literature from Binghamton University. In addition to reading and writing, she is passionate about her dog and cat, British pop music, and the beach. Born and raised in upstate New York, Stephanie now lives in central Massachusetts with her husband. When she’s not writing, she’s most likely watching Modern Family reruns and/or thinking of excuses not to exercise. Her first book, 33 VALENTINES, was nominated for a 2013 Book of the Year award at Coffee Time Romance & More. You can find her online at and on Twitter @stephwrites.


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Book Title: The Mean Girl Apologies
Author: Stephanie Monahan


Book Synopsis:

You know that catchy song you keep hearing on the radio?

It’s about you.

Natalie Jamison has spent five years trying to forget the girl she was in high school: popular, pretty…and, okay, mean. Now in her twenties and living once again in her small town, she’s right back where she was: following Queen Bee Amber and keeping secrets from her best friend, Sarah.

Secrets like Jack Moreland.

Everyone knows Jack Moreland—his new album, Good Enough, is everywhere. He’s famous. Impossibly handsome. Completely untouchable. But what none of Natalie’s old clique knows is that in high school, Natalie and Jack fell in love. And their secret relationship was incredible, painful—and earth-shattering enough to inspire an entire album.

Facing friends and enemies isn’t easy, but Natalie will go to great lengths to prove she is good enough—to her friends, to herself, and most of all, to the small-town boy turned worldwide heartthrob she never forgot.

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  1. You can NEVER, ever go wrong with Jeff Buckley on a writing soundtrack! A friend introduced me to him several years back when we were working on a writing project together and now I do the same when I meet new writers. Love it Stephanie! Happy release day!

  2. Jen Durgan Jen Durgan

    Justin Furstenfeld from Blue October — what a voice, and he’s hot in a creepy/sexy way. (Lot of eyeliner probably doesn’t hurt his appeal.) His lyrics are sad and angry and very poetic. Can’t go wrong with his music, and he’s my total music boyfriend crush!

  3. Jen, I love him too!! I’ve watched the video for Into the Ocean about 9 million times. I am also all about eyeliner (and nail polish too, which is evident from the book) 🙂

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