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Author Marissa Doyle Talks About the “Dream of her Heart” BY JOVE

She’s a writer AND A QUILTER. I may have to love her book. 🙂

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Hello! I’m Marissa Doyle, and I’m the author of By Jove, a paranormal romance just out from Entangled Publishing. Here’s a blurb, to give you an idea of what it’s about:

For Theodora Fairchild, returning to graduate school after three years of teaching Latin to unenthusiastic middle-schoolers is a dream come true. The professors in the Classics Department at John Winthrop University in Boston are the best in their field; the classes are varied and intellectually stimulating…and she meets brilliant, sweetly nerdy post-doc Grant Proctor.

As she gives in to her feelings for Grant, someone seems determined to keep them apart—no matter the consequences. Things are not quite what they seem in the Classics Department, and someone there has plans for Theo that don’t include Grant. When Grant disappears, surviving the semester becomes only one of Theo’s worries; her wits and wisdom may be the only things that can save the man she loves.

I’m pretty excited to have By Jove come out, but for more than the usual reasons.

I’ve been writing for eleven years, and have had three young adult books published. But By Jove was written before any of my YA books were even thought of, so that’s one thing to be excited about: it’s my first published book for an adult audience.

You’ll sometimes hear authors talk about the “books of their heart”—stories that, for whatever reason, they feel an especial fondness for. By Jove is a book of my heart. I love the academic setting and the fact that the heroine is studying Latin, a language I studied for years in high school and college. I loved being able to play with mythology and mix it into a real-world setting. In short, this book was just plain fun to write.

Writers are often told to write what they love, because that passion will shine through their words. It doesn’t always work that way—what we love might not be what editors or readers are hot for at a particular time, and we might have to put aside our pet stories and accept that they might stay that way—our personal pets, never shared with a larger audience. So when an author sells a book of her heart to a publisher who loves it too…well, that’s an extra special reason to be excited.

So if any writers are reading this…no, wait a minute. What I want to say applies to anyone with a dream they hold dear. If you have a book of your heart, or a quilt of your heart (I’m a quilter, too), or a community project of your heart—anything that you just have to do, believe in it. Believe in your ability to create it. Work on it till you’ve realized your vision. Complete it. Let your passion shine through it. Don’t hold back.

By Jove waited for nine years on my hard drive. Your dream of your heart may have wait, too. But if I’d decided not to write it, I wouldn’t be here today.



Author Bio:

Marissa Doyle graduated from Bryn Mawr College and went on to graduate school intending to be an archaeologist, but somehow got distracted. Eventually she figured out what she was really supposed to be doing and started writing. She’s channeled her inner history geekiness into a successful young adult historical fantasy series, and is now also happily writing contemporary romantic fantasy. She lives in her native Massachusetts with her family, including a pair of bossy but adorable pet rabbits, and loves quilting, sailing, gardening, and collecting antiques. Oh, and coffee.

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