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Cover Reveal and Giveaway: THE DAY HUMAN KING by B.Kristin McMichael (The Day Human Trilogy #2)

 Book one, THE DAY HUMAN PRINCE, was featured on the blog last spring. Book two now has a cover!
(Plus, you can enter to win a copy of book one below!)


 The Day Human King
(Day Human Trilogy #2)
by B. Kristin McMichael
Book Length: 200 pages (approximate)
Publisher: Lexia Press, LLC


After he assumed the power of the late sidhe king, Devin thought the battle to protect Nessa and proceed with her coronation was over. Everyone feared him and he had the power to do anything in the sidhe world. He was wrong. As problem after problem arises, Nessa finds the path to the throne is not as simple as they thought. Formalities must be adhered to, preparations must be made, and between all of that, Devin and Nessa must decide what to do with an obviously pregnant Fiona, who will not name the father of her child. To make matters worse, the elite sidhe are still assassinating each other. No one in the palace is safe. Who is behind the latest deaths, and can the coronation actual occur with all the drama going on? Devin and Nessa’s road to power might be cut short if they can’t find the answers.


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