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Q&A and Giveaway with Author Leesa Bow (CHARMING THE OUTBACK)

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What made you become a writer?

In 2006, my daughter was diagnosed with bone cancer. At such a stressful time I struggled to read, so I jotted down my emotions and dreams to distract myself of an uncertain future. Eventually the notes turned into the essence of a story.


Where do you get your inspiration for your books? 

Most of my inspiration comes from life experiences, family and friends, though sometimes music and other books incite ideas and characterization.


What genre do you prefer to write?

I prefer to write contemporary New Adult, although I have a NA fantasy/romance shelved at home. I hope to revisit this story at the end of the year.


What are you working on at the moment?

Currently I’m writing contemporary NA with a sport theme, similar to Winning the Player, with an Aussie Rules football theme. It’s the third book in the series.


How do you come up with character names?

Some names I just love, so I use them. Other times I Google names, trends and meanings. My eldest daughter is a teacher and I find some names I like on her class lists. My hubby and daughters also offer suggestions.

Who is your favorite author, and which book of theirs is your favorite?

My favourite author is Jennifer Armentrout. My favourite book… Gosh, all of them, but I’m going with Wait for You.


Your favorite TV show?

Game of Thrones.


All-time favorite movie?

Walk the Line.


Favorite book boyfriend crush?

Just one…? Jamie from Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon. It isn’t so much his looks but his heroism.


If a character from any book came to life and you could meet them, who would you want it be, and what would be the first question you asked them?

Jamie from the Outlander Series. I haven’t finished all the books in the series as yet so any questions I have might already be answered.


What book are you reading at the moment?

All for This by Lexi Ryan


If you could say anything to your readers right now, what would you say?

THANK YOU! The thing that makes me happier than writing is readers enjoying my stories. I owe them so much, as it drives me to keep writing.  You all rock!

I love hearing from readers, so if you ever want to drop me a line you can contact me on Facebook: or on Twitter: or visit my webpage:

The one thing my wonderful readers can do to help me is post a review or rate my book on Goodreads and Amazon. It helps get the word out to other readers, and there’s nothing I want more then to share my stories with the world.



Leesa Bow grew upLeesa in Broken Hill and later worked as a nurse at the local hospital before moving to Adelaide in her early twenties. Leesa began writing seriously when her second daughter became sick with cancer. Initially writing was therapeutic, but when her daughter got the all clear, she decided to continue writing seriously.

On weekends Leesa enjoys reading, watching basketball and football, having beach days with the family, catching up with girlfriends, and daydreaming about strong heroines for her next book.

You can find out more about Leesa at:




Charming the Outback
by Leesa Bow
Published by: Destiny Romance
Publication date: September 2nd 2014
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance


When jaded city girl Maddy McIntyre packs up and leaves Adelaide for a new job in the country, it’s not only a chance at a fresh start. Six months ago, the first guy she’d ever loved shattered her heart before moving home to Broken Hill. Deep down inside, Maddy is hoping that living in the same town will give her an opportunity to prove to Luke that she’s one temptation he can’t resist.

But when she arrives in Broken Hill, Luke White is not the same guy she knew in the city. And it soon seems very clear that he doesn’t want her there. Although Maddy settles in quickly, excelling at work and partying with her new friends, she can’t understand why Luke is remaining so distant. Particularly when all her instincts are telling her that they’re meant to be together – and that he feels the same burning attraction.

As Maddy learns more about Luke’s family and background, she begins to understand that his mixed messages are caused by balancing what’s expected of him with what he really wants. Maddy gave Luke her heart long ago and, despite their differences, she knows she’ll only ever be happy with her hot country boy. But how can she convince him that she’s the risk he needs to take?






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