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New Release Spotlight! (MURDER) LOVE ON THE MENU by Dyann Love Barr

A new romantic suspense out this week!



Book Title: Murder Love on the Menu

Author: Dyann Love Barr

Release Date: 8/17/15

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Book Synopsis:

Celebrity chef Jordan Kelly wants to marry the love of his life, Tilly Danes. Unfortunately, the proposal isn’t going quite as planned. For starters, the Culinary Channel just hired his ex-lover as their new chef—and now she’s been murdered.

Tilly might have a tiny problem with commitment, but she knows for a fact that Jordan is hiding something. Something big. And if he doesn’t spill it soon, their future happiness is definitely on the chopping block…

Someone at the Culinary Channel has an appetite for killing, and no one is safe. All this danger might just bring Jordan and Tilly’s relationship closer…if they can manage to survive.



The disquiet in his gaze tugged at her heart, leaving her to fend off a touch of guilt for making him worry. “Of course.We wouldn’t be together if we let a few bumps along the way hurt us. There’s been more than one, and we’ve survived.”

“What about Sarah?”

There it was—the elephant, five-hundred-pound gorilla, or whatever flavor of the month animal in the room.

“All right, she’s a big bump.” She couldn’t deny the presence of her daughter added a new spin on their

relationship, but he had to realize Sarah wasn’t going away—ever. “But she’s my bump.”

“I’ve never had to deal with kids except for my nieces and nephews.” He grimaced as if reliving some horrible experience. His eyes widened. “I throw presents at them when I go visit my sister. They’re like lions with fresh meat.”

“I can’t guarantee everything will be smooth sailin’ with Sarah. It’s goin’ to take time.”

“Patience isn’t my best quality.” He gave her hand a light squeeze. “You should know from experience. What if Sarah and I never get along?”

“You and I didn’t at first.” A janitor’s closet caught her eye, and she gave his hand a tug. “Look at us now.” She jiggled the doorknob and found it unlocked. Good, because she had plans to make Jordan forget his concerns.

“That’s true, but—” The furrow between his brows changed to surprise when she pulled him into the small space, closed the door, and hit the light switch. A dull glow filled the closet. “What are you doing?”

“I’m about to show you how copacetic we are.” Her fingers splayed over the fine black cotton covering his chest.

“I like that word—copacetic.”

She pulled his T-shirt from his jeans and thrilled at the heat radiating from his skin. “It will mellow you out in

the right ways.”

“This is bribery.” His hands cupped her face with heartbreaking tenderness before his lips brushed hers.”

“Consider it throwin’ meat at a hungry lion.”

Each small kiss built into a heat of growing need, fueling but never deepening enough to light the fire. Jordan left her groaning in frustration, tasting and teasing the sensitive skin of her neck.

“Sarah might find out.”

He left a trail of sin and desire wherever his lips touched.

The feel of his large hands slipping under her chef’s jacket left her giddy with anticipation. “Do you plan on tellin’ her about us knockin’ boots in a janitor’s closet?” Her words came out in strangled mews of pleasure the moment he found an aching nipple.

“No.” He reached over and hit the switch. The last thing she wanted was a curious maintenance man checking out the closet if light shone under the bottom of the door.

“Good.” Tilly wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. “Because you’re wastin’ time.”



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Author Bio:

Dyann Love Barr is a retired personal chef who lives in the Kansas City area DSC_3473with her husband and a hermit crab. Don’t ask. When she’s not writing, she’s belly dancing, sewing, and taking care of her two granddaughters.

When she started writing many, many years ago, she thought ‘how hard could it be?’ It’s more difficult than staring down the barrel of an automatic rifle when she was stopped by the Mexican army, or her adventure in Africa. She came back with a mysterious spider bite on her—but that’s another story.

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