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Audiobook Review! KISSING MR. RIGHT by Michelle Major

Kissing Mr. Right
by Michelle Major


Kendall Clark has always dreamed of anchoring the national news. The dedicated Denver journalist has worked hard to earn more than her fluff-piece reporting job. When she’s asked to star in an on-air dating show to increase her station’s ratings, she initially refuses…until she learns that participating will give her a shot at a national news-desk position in New York.

But nothing prepares Kendall for the dating show’s popularity—or for the laughable dates she’s forced to endure on camera. To complicate matters further, she’s falling hard for Tyler Bishop, the handsome scientist hired to consult on her first big news story. Ty soon finds himself equally smitten with Kendall and sets out to prove he’s her Mr. Right. But is there room in his quiet life for a woman with such a public image? And when Kendall’s integrity is questioned, will she choose her dream job or her dream man?


OMG, Kendall was one aggravating heroine! I wanted to take her list, the chip on her shoulder, and her total tendency toward drama and…well, do something very unladylike with them. I have no idea why Ty stayed with her as long as he did, because he was a stellar hero (until the end, when he absolutely lost it–I guess that makes them made for each other?)

I really, really wanted to like this one, but with Ken’s TSTL mentality I ended up rolling my eyes at the story more often than not. I did like the secondary characters a bit more (Jenny, Ty’s best friend and coworker and Sam and Chloe, Kendall’s BFFs–who she had no qualms whatsoever about leaving behind while she went to live her dream); stories about them might tempt me to give the author another try. There were some amusing moments between the eye-rolling ones…

The narration was decent–pleasant enough, but  nothing that would have me going out of my way looking for more by her to listen to, but nothing that would make me hesitate to listen to it because of her either.

Rating: 3 stars / C


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