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New Release Review! DANGEROUSLY RED by Kristin Miller (A Dark and Dirty Tale #3)

Dangerously Red
by Kristin Miller


In part three of the new Dark and Dirty Tale serial by New York Times and USA best-selling author Kristin Miller, the time has come for Red to choose. But things are not always as they seem…

Before the night is through, I’ll join the Arcana wolf pack, declare a mate, and transition into a wolf for the first time. I must decide between Reaper, the devilishly sexy huntsman, and Lukas, the fiercely controlling Alpha. Both pleasure me senseless, taking me to heights I’ve never known. But I can’t have both.

Time is up, and I must choose.

But Lukas just dropped a bombshell. If I declare him as my mate, no other person is allowed to touch me. Ever. Not a handshake or a good-bye hug. Talk about stifling. Not to mention, the Omega has all but forbidden me to choose Reaper. As I stand before the pack, I must decide…the man who unleashes dark desires inside me, or the man I’m forbidden to love.

Get ready for scorching hot Alphas, a spitfire heroine, and a breathtaking ending!

The Dark and Dirty tale series is best enjoyed in order.
Reading Order:
Book #1 Desiring Red
Book #2 Dominating Red
Book #3 Dangerously Red


This one didn’t end up going where I thought it would, given the series start (and the blurbs, and the covers–I know, I know, but I keep expecting things…) but ultimately they were entertaining.

I feel like I need to re-read the first two books again (Desiring Red and  Dominating Red) just to check the consistency of the antagonist–one of the characters ends up doing a total turnaround from what they originally appear to be, and I’m still not sure how I feel about it. Things end up working out well for Ivy in the end–but does the change make it too easy?

All three books in the series are out now, and even back-to-back they’d be a quick read–not standalones, though; they really need to be read in order. If you’re partial to werewolves and like your romances heavy on the steam but fairly light on plot, you’d probably enjoy this series.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars / C+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


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