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New Release and Giveaway! FOREVER CHARMED by Dawn Chartier (Vieux Carre Witch Sister #3)

Forever Charmed
by Dawn Chartier
Vieux Carré Witch Sister #3
Publication Date: November 7, 2016
Genres: Adult, Entangled: Covet, Paranormal Romance


Rose Morgeaux is a healer, not a killer, so training to fight is the last thing she wants to do. And if going against everything she believes in isn’t bad enough, she has to do it with the eyes of the dark and handsome Callahan McCray on her back.Cal’s seen the work of Warlocks firsthand when one killed his brother a year ago, so Rose’s hybrid heritage is all the reason he needs to stay away. Teaching her to throw a knife was not on his agenda, but neither was falling for her.

When Rose begins to pay a heavy price for her passions, Cal’s love must be enough to save her from herself and keep her from following in her grandfather’s dark footsteps.


It wasn’t nice to laugh, but the way her arms flailed and the horrified look on her face were priceless. He bent down to reach for her, but she splashed water in his face.

“Callahan! That’s not right. Get me out.”

He leaned back playing as though he would leave her there. “Do you agree?”

She glanced around the area and frowned. “I don’t have a choice, do I?”

“Yes you do. You could stay with the gators,” he said.

She swam around in a circle, her eyes wide. “No. Help me out.”

“My condition is one kiss.” He reached down and grabbed her wrists, pulling her straight out of the water. Wet clothes and all, he pulled her smack against him.

She squirmed. “You’re getting soaked.”

“I don’t care.” He had to taste that mouth again, but not here. “You need to get out of those wet clothes.” He grabbed her hand and tugged her to the side of the camp. Shit. The kiss couldn’t wait. He stopped, pulled her hips against his, then leaned down and brushed her lips with his tongue.

Fever struck. He couldn’t control his hunger for her, and he hardened. She opened her mouth, and he swept his tongue inside. God help him. After a few long seconds, he leaned back. “Let’s get you into something dry.”

She nodded.

He pulled her into the tackle room, turned on the light and closed the door.

Rose’s eyes grew wide. “Only a kiss.”

She’d probably never seen a room filled with this many fishing poles and tackle before. It wasn’t the best place to seduce her, but it was the nearest spot, and damn it he needed her right now.

A small loveseat sat at the far side of the room. He crashed there when he’d been drunk a time or two. He slid his arms around her waist. “Like I said, we need to get you out of those wet clothes.” He skimmed his lips down her throat, knowing damn well her dry clothes weren’t in this room.








He’s found himself a wicked witch…

Brye Morgeaux is a half-witch, half-warlock who always relied on her beauty—especially when it came men. After a run-in with a particularly vicious warlock, Brye’s face is left scarred, forcing her to look to who she is on the inside. And what Brye finds is darker than anything she’d imagined…

Then she’s handed a terrible ultimatum—join the warlock clan, or watch her family die.

Josh Copeland has known the Morgeaux family for years, and has been waiting for the time when Brye would see him as something—anything—more than a friend. As she battles darkness from within and without, he realizes the woman he loves might just be her own worst, wicked enemy. Now Josh must find a way to show Brye who she really is…before she kills him.



Rebuilding New Orleans…one witch at a time

Contractor Storm Morgeaux is trying to keep her business afloat and not sleep with the hot-‘n’-sexy new client, Dr. Nathan Davis. Adding to her troubles is the fact she accidentally released a series of dark spells. Now evil warlocks are after her family, and she has no idea who she can trust.

Nathan’s biggest concern is getting his pediatric surgery center up and running. Still, his stunning new contractor provides plenty of distraction―until she sets off his Paladin medallion. A warlock is near. Nathan’s first responsibility is eliminating the woman who wields new and dangerous magic. But something about Storm calls to him. She’s mysterious, sexy, and downright irresistible, but most surprisingly, his.

Without the spells, Storm must learn to trust her new abilities. But can she trust the man who’s torn between loving her…and killing her?




Dawn might occasionally have a gator parked in her front yard there on the bayou, but it’s the snakes that really scare the bejeezus out of her. So instead, she tends to hole herself up with a good romance book, chocolate by the pound, or marathon tv viewing of Game of Thrones, Hell On Wheels, Downton Abbey, Arrow, various home renovation shows and Supernatural—oh Dean. *swoons*

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