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New Release and Giveaway! ACTING ON IMPUSE by Thea Dawson

Today we have the blog tour for Acting on Impulse by Thea Dawson! Check it out and be sure to grab your copy today!

Title: Acting on Impulse
Author: Thea Dawson
Genre: Contemporary Romance

About Acting on Impulse:
She’s camera shy. He’s a big star. Is love worth the limelight?

Thirteen years ago, Chris McPherson drunkenly declared his love for Joy Albright… right in front of her husband. Though her angry rejection still stings, Chris, now a successful Hollywood actor, has never forgotten his feelings for her. When he returns to Silverweed Falls to direct a summer Shakespeare play, he is thrilled–and a little nervous–to learn that Joy will be managing the play.

Joy Albright’s marriage imploded in a public scandal a year ago when her husband was caught by the press with another woman. All she wants now is to avoid the limelight, but she can’t refuse the request of a dying friend to help save the local theater group.

Reunited, sparks fly. Joy is desperate to avoid more gossip. Chris comes trailed by the tabloids. But neither of them can deny the temptation to act on their impulses.

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“We-ell, look at this.” Chris pulled out the tabloid that Charlotte had bought the other week at Safeway. “Doing your research?”

Joy felt her cheeks start to warm. “That’s Charlotte’s.”

He gave her a knowing smile. “Sure it is. Well, don’t believe any of it. It’s all lies.” He tossed the magazine onto the coffee table in front of them. His face on the cover, so uncharacteristically stern, stared back at them.

“Even the parts about you being charming and talented and extremely good in bed?”

He looked scandalized. “Did that actually say that?” He reached for the magazine again, but she snatched it away with a laugh and opened it up, taking the opportunity to shift away from him so that her back was against the arm of the couch and she was facing him.

“No, but let’s see what they got right.” She gave him a wicked grin.

“No, come on—” he tried to grab the magazine from her, but she pulled it out of reach. He leaned back on the couch, resigned.

She read the headline with an extra dose of drama in her voice. “‘Chris McPherson: Will This Star Keep Rising or Will He Crash and Burn?’” She cleared her throat and began reading the body of the article. “‘He may be Hollywood’s newest bad boy, but Chris McPherson has a flair for the art of charm. He is waiting for me at an outside table at Republique, one of LA’s most popular bistros. With a diffident charm that reminds me of Jimmy Stewart, and the body of a young Brando, his charisma is instantly apparent. But like those stars of yesteryear, Hollywood’s newest darling has a dark side, too.’”

“That article was my publicist’s idea,” he said quickly. He sounded embarrassed. “To use my ‘dark side’—” he made air quotes, “to give me ‘depth.’” More air quotes.

“Body of a young Brando.” She raised her eyebrows in ironic  respect. “That’s deep.”

“Put that trash down.” He wasn’t looking at her and no longer sounded amused. “God, I wish I had half Brando’s talent,” he replied, staring into the empty fireplace. “I wouldn’t be worthy of getting the man coffee. “

The raised brows stayed in place but lost the irony. “You’re very talented,” she assured him, surprised at his sudden seriousness.

“Not like Brando talented.”

“Why not like Brando talented?”

He made a snorting sound that was half humor, half exasperation. “I’m a comedian, Joy. I’m pratfalls and snappy one liners. Campground was Yogi Bear meets Cheech and Chong, and Crusaders is all fight scenes and special effects. Sure, they buffed me up for it, but I’m not exactly Stanley Kowalski material.”

It was on the tip of her tongue to tease him but the look in his eyes stopped her. The conversation had suddenly grown serious.

“That’s ridiculous. You could play any role you wanted to.”


About Thea Dawson:

Thea Dawson has lived in Rome, Tokyo and London, and spent much of her twenties traveling around the world. Eventually she met the love of her life and settled down in the Pacific Northwest, where she now lives with her husband and three children.

After a checkered career which included stints as an English teacher, librarian and editor, she now writes full time, telling tales of romance and adventure.

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  1. Becky Richardson Becky Richardson

    Enjoyed the excerpt. Sounds like an awesome romance.

  2. Cynthia R Cynthia R

    I love a good book with sparks flying, this sounds like it fits the bill.

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