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New Release Review! PLAYING HOUSE by Amy Andrews (Sydney Smoke Rugby #5)

Playing House
by Amy Andrews


Eleanor is content with her boring life—mostly. She’s even fine being the quirky sister in a bevy of beauties. So imagine her surprise when one of her brother’s Sydney Smoke mates hits on her at an engagement party. Her. The weird sister, who wears vintage dresses and prefers her books to parties.

Bodie is shocked the next morning to find the soft, sexy virgin who seduced him with corsets is his best friend’s little sister. If he could kick his own ass, he would. And two months later, she’s got an even bigger surprise for him. Now he needs to convince the corset-loving wallflower that he loves her uniqueness if they’ve got a chance at forever.

He always did love a challenge…



Playing House started out strong–I loved when Eleanor’s vajayjay started talking to her (“Twenty-six years of silence and it chose tonight to go rogue?”–LOL) and her geeky historical romance-loving heart spoke to me from the first page.


It soon seemed like her newly-awakened body parts were doing more thinking for Eleanor than her actual brain was. She was distracted not once, but twice from telling Brodie some very important news that he really, really needed to know ASAP by that body part’s “needs.” Brodie would have been totally within his rights to be upset by this, but fortunately for her, he took it in stride. Actually, he took pretty much all of the craziness in this book (far and large said craziness was caused by Eleanor) unbelievably calmly, proving time and time again what a stand up guy he was. Eleanor, by contrast, veered wildly between listening to her newly-vagazzled you-know-what and her Victorian-era “romantic sensibilities” about what her relationship with Brodie should be like instead of, oh, I don’t know…talking to him, occasionally?

Though there were bits I liked here–the beginning and end especially had some cute, entertaining moments–in the whole I didn’t find this one as strong a read as the first three books in the series. (I somehow missed Eleanor’s brother/Brodie’s BFF’s book, Playing With Forever). Hopefully this one is just a one-off, because I usually really enjoy Ms. Andrews’ writing.

Rating: 2 1/2 stars / C

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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