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A Day in the Life of Alexa Randolph, Author of WITH LOVE, ELLA (with a giveaway!)

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A day in the life of the author

One thing I have learned as I have started writing and publishing novels is that there are never enough hours in the day. There is always so much I want to do in a day in regards to writing, promoting, research, reading and other day –to- day activities. Every day I have a laundry list of things I want to get done and most days I am lucky if I am able to get five things done.

A typical day for me starts when I wake up and go to my writing space, which is my kitchen table, and write a chapter. It normally takes me anywhere from two to three hours to get a full chapter done because no matter how focused I am there are always distractions. It can also be hard to sit for three hours straight.

I love getting into my writing because I am no longer in my world, but in the world of my characters. I feel like I am watching the whole scene play out live as I am writing it. It is a surreal feeling to feel like I am apart of the story. I remember reading author interviews and some authors would mention how deeply they were involved in their characters worlds. I never understood how that was possible, but now I couldn’t imagine not being so invested.

Through my daily research I have learned that when I want to promote my novel I can take fun simple pictures to put on my social media. I am always researching new ways to market and promote my novel because they go hand in hand. Pintrest is a great marketing tool for just about any business. I am always trying different things that relate to my audience and my novel without over promoting.

I have a daily goal of going back to my writing later in the afternoon, early evening and either finishing the chapter I started in the morning if I didn’t finish, or working on a second one. I always have ideas floating around in my head and sometimes I am so inspired that I just want to continue to write. Unfortunately, I am unable to get a full chapter done either from lack of time, or when I am under the weather. It usually kills me when I am unable to get anything done because I am always so excited to see what the next day will bring.

I like to try to stay with the same schedule, but like with everyone else sometimes life gets in the way and things happen.

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Author Bio:

I am a graduate of Michigan State University with a BA in Communications. I love to read, write, travel, binge watch Netflix for days, make up stories about random people I see for days and drink lots of coffee.


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With Love, Ella by Alexa Randolph cover

With Love, Ella
Alexa Randolph
Publication date: December 12th 2017
Genres: Adult, Contemporary

Ella Chambers is basking in her success as a sought-after New York party planner when she gets her dream job: planning her own wedding to her long-time boyfriend Daniel Collins, a professional football player.

Sadly, amid planning her own nuptials, Ella gets some devastating news that turns her life inside out. Will she and her fiancé finally make it down the aisle, or will tragedy get in the way?

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