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Book Tour Grand Finale and Giveaway! FATE & FORTUNE: Books 1 & 2 by Robin Daniels

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Book Tour Grand Finale for
Fate & Fortune and Kismet & Karma
By Robin Daniels

We hope you enjoyed the tour! If you missed any of the stops
you can see snippets, as well as the link to each full post, below:

Launch – Note from the Author

…If you enjoyed The Perfect Series, you’ll like this one. The books have a very similar feel: funny characters, witty banter, hot guys, young love and lots of shenanigans. I poured a lot of time and effort into these books, as the storyline is much more complicated than I’ve attempted before. It was a continuity nightmare, but I’m so pleased with the outcome. Fate & Fortune and Kismet & Karma are fun, lighthearted stories. Hopefully you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.


Heidi Reads… – Review

“What a fun ride! I loved this group of friends and their distinct personalities. The dynamics of their sibling relationships, friendships, and romances unfolded throughout the book and I loved getting to know them. . . . I loved this creative YA duo of books and can’t wait for more from the author!”

Mythical Books – Review

“…this story totally rocks! . . . It was quite a while since I gave 5 stars to a story. . . . Mixing love interests with funny situations and witty dialogues (and most important natural), Mrs. Daniels crafted stories which will captivate the readers and make them dream of or remember the sweet thrill of the first love.”

Becky on Books – Excerpt

Fate & Fortune – PAIGE

Her eyes twinkled with mischief as she blurted out, “Word on the street is you’re the one who spray painted Jason Marcos has a small wiener on the water tower last night.”

I gasped. “I would never! Wait, did that actually happen?”

Kennedy’s grin widened, and she nodded emphatically. “Sure did. There was a comical drawing as well, but the mayor already got a maintenance guy up there to paint over it. Doesn’t matter, though. Half the town posted pictures, so everyone’s seen it.”

Rockin’ Book Reviews – Review

“I love this story. A little mystery, romance and so much fun. I can’t wait to read the follow up story. . . . I highly recommend this book to others.” – Fate & Fortune

“As with book 1, I love this story. How fun to read the story from different characters perspectives. The same things happen but getting to see them from other characters changes the whole story so much.” – Kismet & Karma

Christen Krumm, Writer – Excerpt

Fate & Fortune – BRYCE

Cody crossed his arms, waiting for me to honor the agreement, so I gave the lamp a quick polish. He and Eric grew quiet. I faked disinterest, but secretly I was hoping something would happen. After five long seconds without any magic, I put the lamp back in my locker. “Sorry, boys, no genie.”

“Too bad,” Eric grumbled. “I could use a billion dollars.” He whipped off his shirt and started to change.

Among the Reads – Excerpt

Fate & Fortune – PAIGE

Eric sat up and squinted. He stared for a second before shaking his head. “Those aren’t mine.”

“Are you sure?” I asked skeptically. He snatched the paper from my hand, and I watched his lips move while he read the note to himself. Then he quirked an eyebrow.

He scoffed and nodded toward the bottle. “Um, yeah. Why would I leave you a bottle with a note in it?” Then he waved the scrap of paper at me. “Not to mention that this is a poem. You honestly think I would write you a poem?”

Dani Reviews Things – Spotlight

Harlie’s Books – Review

“…I have found a new author to stalk when it comes to YA. Her writing is crisp, updated, funny, snarky, real, at times swoon-worthy but above all, relatable. I instantly fell in love with Bryce and Paige. If this series isn’t the typical friends to lovers for YA, I don’t know what is. And to top it off, it is set in a small town. Ms. Daniels nails the setting, the school, and the emotions that most teenagers deal with now. . . . Do yourself a favor and pick these two books up. Ms. Daniels has a written a very humorous, swoon-worthy, relatable YA romance that will leave you wanting more.”

Colorimetry – Excerpt

Fate & Fortune – PAIGE

“Jason keeps looking over at us, and Reese gives him a nasty face every time he does it. Am I a bad person if that makes me want to antagonize her even more?”

“Yes. But I’m a bad person, too, so I think that’s a fabulous idea,” I replied.

“In that case, get over here.” Bryce reached out and pulled me sideways onto his lap. Then he whispered against my jaw, close enough to graze it with his lips. I had to suppress a shiver. “Look at Reese and pretend I’m saying something romantic.”

Singing Librarian Books – Spotlight

Getting Your Read On – Review

“How cute are these books?! SO cute. And what a clever idea by the author! I loved everything about this two part book series. The characters were so well defined and individual. Their personalities were strong and I felt like I knew each one of them. The whole story played out just like a movie in my head. I LOVE when that happens.”

Katie’s Clean Book Collection – Review

“What a creative tale! I love a story that can take me back in time, deliver a solid plot, and have strong, lifelike characters. . . . The characters rocked the book. The camaraderie, friendly banter, loyalty, and slight mystery gave this story a firm foundation for the flirting and drama and I adored the way everything played out.” – Fate & Fortune

“I absolutely loved this book, because honestly, I wasn’t quite ready to let this group go, and enjoyed seeing the behind-the-scenes events. The reader is treated to some complicated relationships, hilarious moments, scheming, and more. I wondered at first could possibly make Fate & Fortune better, but knowing the whole picture really did it for me.

This is one creative, highly entertaining, and FUN set and I would definitely recommend it to lovers of YA sweet romance.” – Kismet & Karma

Wishful Endings – Excerpt

Kismet & Karma – ERIC

“Who’s Amy?” Genie asked. “You said Cody was your brother, right?”

“Amy is Paige’s bestie. Cody and Bryce are twins.”



“That’s not true,” I said. “There’s definitely a family resemblance. Especially when Ken’s standing between them. If Cody and Bryce had a baby, it’d look like Kennedy.” That was sure to get me smacked, but I couldn’t help it. Getting Ken worked up was a hobby for all of us.

Seasons of Humility – Review

“…if you’re looking for a high-school story filled with an endearing group of characters, their antics, and some romance, you’ll find a lot to enjoy! The author has a very readable and engaging writing style, and I love the early setting of a small-town fair, as well as the odd but fun ways the romance plays out for the main characters. Fate & Fortune is a cute and entertaining YA read!” – Fate & Fortune

“I enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at the plot of Fate & Fortune, as well as the complete conclusion you don’t quite get in book one alone. There’s a particular scene near the end (not quite the last) that’s especially delightful in terms of setting, romance, and friendship. As part two of a clever duology, Kismet & Karmais a charmer!” – Kismet & Karma

Paulette’s Papers – Excerpt

Kismet & Karma – GENIE

He waited a second longer before he ruined everything by giving me a wicked smile. If a smile could speak, this one would be saying, “Finally, I will honor you with my kiss.”

Ha! Fat chance now, buddy. He wasted a perfectly good opportunity just so he could toy with me. I waited until his head tilted forward, then ducked down and slipped under his arm. The motion threw him off balance, and he stepped back far enough for me to open the truck. I pulled on the handle, jumped inside, and slammed the door in one swift move.

Andi’s Young Adult Books – Review

“Oh, the magic and romance that goes on in this book! . . . The story is told from each of their points-of-view, giving you great insight into their innermost thoughts. I really like both of the characters. They just felt real to me, which doesn’t always happen. I loved all of their friends, actually, and wish I could go back in time to be their age again and hang out with that crew. They’re so close-knit and so good to each other, no matter what happens. I just loved it.” – Fate & Fortune

“Again, I just love all of these kids and totally would have loved hanging out with them back in high school. . . . This series is so much fun to read and I am so glad that I had the opportunity to do so. And I hope we hear more from them in the future.” – Kismet & Karma

Andi’s Book Reviews – Excerpt

Kismet & Karma – AMY

I grabbed the phone and ran into my bathroom. “Okay,” I answered, shoving my toothbrush into my mouth. I continued speaking while I scrubbed. “You should probably come up with an alternate location, just in case.” My words were muffled by toothpaste foam.

“Are you brushing your teeth?” Eric sounded amused.

“I’m in a hurry,” I replied, then spit and rinsed.

Mel’s Shelves – Review

“I love a good teen drama, and this one delivers! . . . There are some funny moments, as well as some touching ones. When I finished reading it, I couldn’t wait to get started on the second book!” – Fate & Fortune

“This story is told from several different perspectives, which made it interesting to see what the characters were really up to in the first book. Even though the group is close knit, there are still some secrets that need to come out. It’s a fun series that I enjoyed reading!” – Kismet & Karma

Teatime and Books – Spotlight

Ghoulish Life & Reviews – Spotlight

Kathryn Cooper Writes – Review

“This was a fun read full of families, best friends, and teen romance. Everyone in the group of friends had some possible romance happening, but this story just focuses on Paige and Bryce.” – Fate & Fortune

A Backwards Story – Spotlight

Remembrancy – Review

“I couldn’t help but like this group of friends and family as they joke around, protect each other, and push each other to become better people. But like Bryce and Paige, I was sure there was something else going on.” – Fate & Fortune

“Robin Daniels weaves this story so well with the other, you will not want to read one without the other (but definitely start with Fate & Fortune).” – Kismet & Karma

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway below, if you haven’t already…

Fate & Fortune coverFate & Fortune
(Fate & Fortune #1)
By Robin Daniels
YA Contemporary Romance, Duology
ebook, 279 Pages
September 20th 2018

Bryce has liked Paige since they were little but has never had the guts to act on his feelings. Paige is devastated over being dumped by her long-time boyfriend and can’t seem to move on. They’re stuck in a rut, until fate decides to pull them out.

Both Paige and Bryce are talked into seeing a fortune teller at the annual Summer’s End Carnival. Neither of them buys into the mysticism, until the psychic’s predictions start coming true. Now, the most bizarre things are happening and there isn’t a clear explanation. Each of them must figure out if they’re the subject of an elaborate hoax or a bigger plan forged by destiny.

*This book is part one of two. Books should be read sequentially.


KIsmet & Karma coverKismet & Karma
(Fate & Fortune #2)
By Robin Daniels
YA Contemporary Romance, Duology
ebook, 184 Pages
October 25th 2018

Bryce and Paige belong together, but they’ll never make it happen alone. When inspiration strikes in multiple ways, a friend decides it can’t be a coincidence; it’s a call to action. With a little luck, the help of fate, and the matchmaking plan of the century, Bryce and Paige just might get their happy ending.

You heard Paige and Bryce’s version of the story in Fate & Fortune. Now join Eric, Amy, Cody, Kennedy and Genie to see how things really went down.

***This book completes the series. Book one can be read as a standalone, but book two cannot. Fate & Fortune should be read first.***


About the Author:

Robin Daniels author photo

The most important thing to know about me is that I’m basically a sixteen-year-old trapped in an adult’s body. It’s why I feel such a great connection to all of my characters and why I love to write romantic comedy. The kid in me just wants to be goofy. Besides being a writer; I’m a wife, mother of five, volleyball enthusiast and home decorating guru. My list of favorites includes: reading, Christmas, pedicures, dessert, steak, Arizona winters and most importantly, Diet Coke.


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