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New Release Review! SPECIAL DELIVERY by Lauren Blakely (Always Satisfied #5)

Special Delivery available now
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by Lauren Blakely
Release Date: November 11th
Genre: Contemporary Romance

All I want for the holidays is the willpower to resist my brother’s sexy, charming, easy-on-the-eyes new business partner.

Instead, I’m stuck planning all the holiday parties with the one guy who makes me want to break my dating diet.

Who thought that was a good idea?

Oh, me. Yep, brilliant, strategic me who raised her hand and said yes I’d love to hang mistletoe with that hot former sports star. (Note to self: Mistletoe leads to toe-curling, knee-weakening kisses.)

And I’d love to get snowed in with the one guy I shouldn’t fall for. (Addendum to the note to self: You know exactly where eight inches of snow leads to. Ahem, eight inches.)

As long as I can make it through the holidays I’ll be on my merry way, fa la la la la. But the holidays have a surprise for me.

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A cute, very fluffy holiday read that is fairly angst-free…almost too angst free, actually.

Quinn and Vaughn are extremely likable characters who “click” pretty much from the instant they lock eyes with each other (it’s pretty much a “you had me at [insert name of Christmas song here–any Christmas song, because they like them all and probably mention it at least once]” kind of situation). They’re both on strict no-romance diets, but get involved with each other almost right away, reasoning that 1) they’ve got great chemistry and 2) Vaughn’s moving to Miami soon anyway, so 3) they might as well spend their favorite holiday together before he goes, and then call it quits because, long distance.

Except of course they really like each other, and then something else happens (cue suspenseful music here) and they *might* decide to change their plans…

But really, it’s all pretty conflict- and angst-free, considering. So if you’re just looking for fluffy holiday fun and some fairly steamy scenes to heat up an unseasonably cold afternoon, this is a safe bet. It’s the fifth in the series but works just fine as a standalone.

Rating: 4 stars / B

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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