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New Release and Giveaway! RAVEN by B.E. Kelly (Reckoning MC Seer series)

I wanted to be their woman but that came at a cost--one that I wasn't sure I could pay.

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by BE Kelly
Series: Reckoning MC Seer
Genre: Adult Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Independent
Publication Date: March 30, 2020

I wanted to be their woman but that came at a cost—one that I wasn’t sure I could pay. My control is what has kept me alive so far and giving it to them wasn’t my first choice, but I had to save Jag’s life. Spending one night between them was the only way to stop the horrifying vision I had of him laying on the side of the road. Giving Texas and Jag my body was something I could do if it meant I’d change the outcome of my premonition. I’d given plenty of men my body—but these two wanted more. They wanted my mind, my tightly held control, and my soul.

I’ll give them what they want. I have no choice. I’m their seer and I’ll do whatever it takes to keep them—both of them

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Remi walked into Reckoning and looked around the bar. She wasn’t sure if she was crazy for going back there or just plain stupid, but she was pretty sure it was the latter. She had seen him again—Jag, and if she didn’t get to him before midnight, she might be too late to save him. Remi looked around the crowded bar, hoping that she’d get lucky and spot either him or his friend, Texas.

“What are you doing here, Honey?” Tank asked. “You aren’t supposed to be back in town for another couple weeks. Do Beth and Lyra know that you’re home?” he asked. Remi had spent the last month in the desert, on a vision quest, as her grandmother liked to call them. It gave her an excuse to go home and visit with her aunt and grandmother for a few weeks and sort a few things out. When she got back from her visits home, she was usually refreshed and her mind was clear, but this time was different.

This time, while she was in the sweat lodge with her grandmother and aunt, she saw Jag and he was laying on the side of the road. Her Aunt Joanna had the same vision and even saw today’s date. He had crashed his bike and from what Remi remembered seeing, he didn’t make it. She couldn’t let that happen. Not after he and Texas saved her life. She owed them both and if cutting her trip short to rush home and save Jag’s ass was what she had to do, then so be it.

“No,” she said. “I just got back into town and haven’t had a chance to call either of them. I saw something and I think one of your guys needs help.” She didn’t miss the flash of concern on Tank’s face.

“Who?” he asked. Having someone outright believe that she could see their future was kind of new to Remi. She usually had a whole lot of explaining to do to convince the person she was trying to help that she was on the up and up. Hell, the first time she met Lyra, she had to jump through hoops to get her to believe her and Lyra was a seer too.

“Jag,” she almost whispered. Tank nodded to the corner of the bar where she spotted both Jag and Tex. They were playing darts and apparently not at a loss for female company. A pang of jealousy ran through her and honestly, she had no reason to feel that way. Jag and Texas made it very clear that they were both interested in her on her first visit to Reckoning. She was the one who turned them down, not sure that she was ready for what they were asking her to give them. Jag and Tex told her that they liked to share women and when they proposed that the three of them end up at Jag’s place for the evening, she politely declined. They had asked a few other times, but each and every time, she found some lame excuse as to why she couldn’t end up between the two of them. God, she wanted to agree to what they were asking her for but that would mean allowing herself some happiness in life and she couldn’t let that happen.

Not since she lost her sweet Aria. She should have seen that drunk driver before even strapping her two-year-old daughter into the car and heading down the highway with her. She had seen countless other accidents and prevented them from happening, but she couldn’t stop the unthinkable from happening to her own baby. No, she didn’t deserve to have any happiness in her life—not anymore. For the most part, Remi was content with following her instincts and listening to her visions to help as many people as possible. It was her turn to pay back Jag’s kindness and then she’d be on her way.

“Thanks, Tank,” she muttered, stumbling around bikers and some barflies looking for a quick hook up, to make her way over to where Jag and Texas looked to be having a heated debate over who was closest to the bulls’ eye. Remi picked up a dart and threw it at the board, hitting dead center.

“There you go, boys—settled it for you. I’m closest.” Both guys turned around and the way they looked her over like they wanted her to be their next meal, made her rethink her trip into the bar. The blonde who had been hanging all over the two of them pouted at their lack of attention. She was at least bright enough to pick up the hint that she wasn’t going to get what she wanted from either of them tonight and slunk back to the bar.

“Sorry about that, guys,” Remi lied, nodding to where the pretty blonde started chatting up another biker. “She seemed like a sure thing.”

“Why are you here, Remi?” Jag growled. She knew they hadn’t parted on the best of terms. Remi was sure that turning them down so many times wore out her welcome, but she had no choice.

“I’m here to see you, Jag,” she said.

“Well, fuck,” Tex grumbled.

“It’s not like that, Tex. I think you’re in danger, Jag and I’d like to help,” she said.

“In danger how? Stray dart or pretty blonde? Which one will be the end of me?” Remi knew he was being a smart ass but she had to admit, his remarks hurt her feelings. He had seen firsthand what she could do when she helped Lyra and Beth.

“Bike accident—off of highway twelve, tonight,” she said.

“Damn,” Texas said. “That’s pretty specific, Honey.”

“Well, I can only tell you what we saw and you can do with it what you’d like,” she said.

“We?” Jag asked.

“Yeah, I went home and did a sweat lodge with my grandmother and aunt. My aunt saw today’s date and I saw the accident and you lying on the side of the road.”

“Fuck,” Texas swore.

“You seem to be taking this better than your friend, Jag. Aren’t you the least bit worried?” Remi asked. Jag shot Texas a look and they seemed to do the whole silent communication thing they were so good at.

“I’m not too worried about what you saw, Honey,” Jag admitted. “I think you came here to help me change the outcome of your vision. Am I right?” he asked. Jag knew the score. He was the one who helped her and her sister, Nena find Lyra in that hospital room where the government guy was holding her. Jag was the one who found Remi some of Lyra’s personal effects so she could get a read on her. Remi liked to hold something that belonged to the person when she was trying to see them. He had brought her one of Lyra’s favorite pictures of her and her daughter, Delilah to hold onto. Seeing Lyra with her sweet little girl made her long for things that would never be for her and she wondered what Aria would look like as a six-year-old instead of being forever frozen in her mind as a precious toddler.

“I hope we can change the outcome of my vision, Jag. I think you are a nice guy and I’d hate to find you dead on the side of the road,” she admitted. Jag’s blue eyes looked at her as if he could see right through her. He shoved his overly long blond hair back from his face and smiled.

Jag laughed, “There ain’t nothing nice about me, Honey. Hell, no one has ever accused me of being a nice guy in my life.”

“Well, I see through your tough, biker routine, Jag. You and Tex both seem like stand-up guys and I’d like to help you.” She knew she was laying it on a bit thick, but the idea of Jag getting on his bike and ending up as she saw him in her vision made her sick to her stomach.

“Thanks, Honey,” Texas said, crowding up behind her. Jag flanked her front and Remi suddenly felt overheated and anxious to be on her way. They were both so different, not just in size but in demeanor. Jag was solid muscle but slimmer than Texas. His fair hair and blue eyes were her undoing and when he’d push up his sleeves to show off his tattoos, she wanted to drool. Tex was bigger than Jag and she knew he had to work out. He had fewer tats than Jag, but he still had a full sleeve up one arm. Tex’s dark hair and eyes reminded her of the boys she used to date back home. He seemed familiar to her and she wondered if that was the reason why or if she had seen him in one of her visions and just didn’t remember.

“I’m not too worried about your vision coming true, Honey,” Jag admitted. He ran his hand down her arm, eliciting goosebumps every inch of the way.

“Wh—why’s that?” she stuttered.

“Well,” he teased, leaning into her body. “How about you repay your debt and save my life tonight?”

“That’s what I’m trying to do,” she said. “Save your life.”

“Hmm, how far are you willing to go?” Texas whispered in her ear from behind.

“I don’t understand,” she said. “I traveled all the way back here from New Mexico if that’s what you’re asking.”

Jag chuckled, “It’s not, Honey. How about you come upstairs with Tex and I and let me thank you properly for your warning?” Tex crowded closer against her back and she was completely enveloped in warm, sexy men. The problem was Remi wasn’t sure that she minded all that much.

“I already told you that I can’t,” she said.

“Alright,” Jag barked. “Suit yourself. I’ll just head on home then. Thanks for stopping by,” he said, nodding to Texas and turning to leave.

“Did he mention he lives off of highway twelve?” Texas asked.

“Shit,” Remi said. She watched as Jag said his goodbyes to some of the guys and Tank and she thought about letting the big jerk just walk out of the bar. She had done her duty and told him about her vision. Remi warned him and if he ended up dead on the side of the highway, that was on him—right? She sighed and followed him through the bar, knowing that no amount of internal reasoning with herself was going to work. She’d never win that argument. If she had to spend the night with two of the sexiest bikers she had ever met, to save one of their lives, then that was what she would do.

Jag was just about out the front door when she put her hand on his shoulder to stop him. “Jag, wait,” she ordered. “I’ll do it.”
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About the author:

BE KELLY is a paranormal romance author who enjoys adding in her alter ego’s love of MC! She loves all things witches, shifters and you’ll maybe even find some vamps in her future! Check out other works by this author under the pen name K.L. Ramsey, for more MC, Menage, and even some contemporary romance.

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