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Series Spotlight! ANGEL IN A DEVIL’S ARMS by Julie Anne Long (The Palace of Rogues #2)

It’s the #countdowntowildrogue – The Palace of Rogues #6! Today we’re revisiting book 2 in the series…

The Palace of Rogues series graphic
covers of all 6 books surrounded by:
-Found <3 family
-Spirited discourse
-A boardinghouse by the London docks (it's hardly dangerous at all!)
-Dukes! Captains! Rogues! Spies! Lumbersnacks!
-Hoo boy, if that chaise could talk
-Mr. Delacorte
-Spirited intercourse
-A very sparkly chandelier
-An epithet jar
-Delilah & Angelique=besties!

She was a governess, a seamstress, and a mistress—and every step of the way men preyed upon her beauty and innocence. When the Earl of Derring dies and leaves both Delilah and Angelique impoverished, Angelique is ready to stuff her pockets with rocks and wade into the Thames. But Delilah persuades her to help turn her sow’s ear inheritance—a tumble-down building by the docks—into the silk purse known as The Grand Palace on the Thames. Their unlikely friendship is at the heart of the Palace of Rogues series.

Angelique is a little more jaded than the sheltered Lady Derring, but her wit, charm and sophisticated veneer hides an intense vulnerability. Like Lady Derring, Angelique has vowed to never again let herself at the mercy of any man. Everything is going to plan until…

Enter the infamous Lucien Durand, Lord Bolt.

The bastard son of a duke, who returns from the dead, and he chooses for his resurrection The Grand Palace on the Thames. Once the wildest, angriest, most scandalous young man in London, he’s long been assumed drowned in the Thames.

And now what he wants is vengeance for his attempted murder—and one wild night in Angelique’s bed.

"If I could undo everything that ever hurt you, I would. I want to bear all hurts for you, fight all battles for you, because I feel that it was what I was born for. I do not know myself anymore I am sorry. I am...I am at your mercy."
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Did you read my review when it first came out? Spoiler alert–I loved it! You can read it again here, or just be teased by one of my many, many favorite quotes:

“From now on, when I hear the word ‘compensations,’ I shall feel aroused, Mrs. Breedlove.”

“You may consider that my gift to you, Lord Bolt.”

-Angel in a Devil’s Arms

There’s still time to binge the series before the next book comes out!

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