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Ember Sparks, Author of SAVAGE PASSION, Talks About Revving Up Romance: Tips for Writing a Motorcycle Club Romance (with a giveaway!)

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Revving Up Romance: Tips for Writing a Motorcycle Club Romance
Ember Sparks

Motorcycle club romance, or MC romance for short, is a subgenre of romance, and more specifically the romantic suspense genre. These stories revolve around the captivating world of motorcycle clubs, where brotherhood, loyalty, and love intersect in exhilarating ways, often combining passion with danger and the thrill of the open road. But how does one write a compelling MC romance? I’m glad you asked…

1. Capture the Spirit of Brotherhood: At the heart of motorcycle club romances lies the strong bond of brotherhood among club members. Whether they’re bound by a code of honor or united by a shared history, portraying the camaraderie and loyalty within the club adds depth to the story and your characters. In Savage Bloods MC, the club was formed in honor of a fallen friend, and the members all share that loss—along with a history of military experience. They were a team long before they became an MC.

2. Infuse Authenticity into Setting: The setting plays a pivotal role in motorcycle club romances, as it sets the stage for the gritty, adrenaline-fueled world of bikers. Whether it’s a rundown clubhouse nestled in the outskirts of town or the winding highways of the open road, immersing readers in the details of the motorcycle club culture will enhance the story. Savage Bloods MC is set in Hell, Michigan. Though I did take some creative liberties, the town is real, and I can visit for inspiration, which I think really helps bring the series to life.

3. Balance Action and Romance: Motorcycle club romances offer the perfect blend of high-octane action and sizzling romance, so it’s super important to find a good balance between heart-pounding motorcycle chases, intense confrontations, and steamy love scenes. The juxtaposition of danger and desire adds tension to the story and keeps readers on the edge of their seats. Plus, the action scenes are a great tool to deepen the relationships between your characters. For example, in Savage Passion, Cassie is followed and ends up having a car accident. This leads to the revelation that she’s in danger and needs protection. Without this moment of action, the story and the romance wouldn’t progress like it needs to.

4. Explore Themes of Redemption and Healing: Beneath the rugged and hard exterior of motorcycle club members is a myriad of emotions. Most of the brothers have a dark past and/or trauma that they haven’t dealt with fully. Delving into these emotions and allowing the characters to face them makes the story that much stronger. Not to mention, the character will grow as a person. In Savage Passion, Slade is still coming to terms with a recent prison term for an accidental crime, and he’s trying to make amends with Cassie for the way he’d hurt her in the past. Plus, he’s still carrying a lot of grief and guilt for his lost friend.

5. End on a Hopeful Note: While motorcycle club romances can be gritty and intense, they are ultimately a romance, and the number one “rule” of romance is to end on a happy note. Be sure to leave your readers with a sense of fulfillment and the belief that love conquers all, even in the most unlikely of places.

While these are all tips for writing an MC romance, these are also reasons why readers love this genre. What other reasons do you have for reading MC?

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About the author:

Ember Sparks is a passionate steamy romance author who draws inspiration from personal experiences and the world around her. Her stories are full of heat, love, and the unlikely connections that form between people. As a writer, Ember uses her vivid imagination to transport readers to new worlds and leave them wanting more.

With a fiery passion for storytelling, Ember’s writing style is designed to inspire readers and show them that joy, love, and passion can be found even in the most challenging times. Through her work, she encourages others to find their own escape, whether it’s through writing, reading, or embracing life to the fullest.

Author links:

Savage Passion cover

Savage Passion
by Ember Sparks
(Savage Bloods MC)
Publication date: March 15th 2024
Genres: Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Suspense

He’s been given a second chance…
Steven “Slade” Graham, Vice President of The Savage Bloods MC, just got a full pardon after spending seven years in prison. Only, he has no idea who got him out. Or why. And then he comes face to face with the one man he hasn’t seen in years: Harland Carter—president of The Savage Bloods and Steven’s former best friend. Turns out, Harland needs Steven’s help, and it’s a matter of life or death.

She vowed to never get involved…
Since the death of her twin brother and the creation of The Savage Bloods MC, Cassandra “Cassie” Carter swore she’d never have anything to do with that club—or her brother. And definitely not the man who took her virginity and then left her for said club. But then Steven crashes back into her life, and everything comes crumbling down around her.

She’s the target…
A madman intent on seeking revenge against The Savage Bloods MC club has his sights set on Cassie. Now, she has no choice but to get involved with the club and entrust her safety to them. To make matters worse, Steven isn’t just protecting her life, he’s stealing her heart. Again. And if she can’t trust him, she’ll end up dead.



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