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New Release Review! YOU’RE THE BOSS by Emma Hart

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From New York Times bestselling author, Emma Hart, is a sexy, banter-filled romcom between the secretary trying to escape and the man who refuses to let her go…

Current life goal: hand in my resignation and get out from under the thumb of my cold, demanding boss that I’ve not-so-lovingly nicknamed The Bastard.

After a month of trying and failing to get the infuriating man to accept it, his grandfather offers me the chance I’ve been waiting for: go on a trip up north for six weeks for a project that will solidify my boss’ position as the company Vice President, and he’ll personally see to it that my resignation is processed on our return.

The catch? I have to live with him for those six weeks.

That’s exactly how I acquire a rich, handsome roommate who doesn’t seem to know what a shirt is, can’t operate a washing machine, and might actually set the kitchen on fire.

They’re all sides of Theodore Black I’ve never seen before, but I still don’t know if I want to kick him or kiss him.

Until I accidentally walk in on him doing some self-care in the shower.

And maybe… the office isn’t the only place he’s the boss.

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You’re the Boss is a cute, fluffy antagonists-to-lovers (though we’re supposed to believe that he actually “loves” her the whole time, it’s absolutely more of an elementary school-style of “love” than the real thing) rom com that did keep me turning the pages, though I don’t think it will end up being particularly memorable.

It is a bit whiplash-y how fast Chloe goes from straight up hating Theo to thinking he’s not bad to…well, more–she does admit he’s good looking from the start, but he’s definitely got a stick up his posterior at work (along with OMG so much weaponized incompetence, both in and out of the office) and there is absolutely no way anything was ever going to happen between them if they’d just had an in-office work relationship, even if he continued to refuse to accept her letter of resignation.

(Which, don’t get me started on that bit. It’s OTT ridiculous and if businesses really do work like that…well, they shouldn’t.)

But anyway.

Once they’re on their work trip together (orchestrated by Theo’s grandfather, the former president of the company and current Duke of Ruxleigh) of course everything comes together: they get to know each other for real, Chloe makes Theo stick to regular work hours, and they start to maybe make sense as a couple. They have quite a few cute moments and then start to have some hella steamy ones together, all with the end of the trip and Chloe’s resignation hanging over their heads the whole time. Are they in a real relationship? Is this just a temporary thing? How will they ever figure it out?

(By communicating, of course. You know that’s what it’ll come down to. I know that’s what it’ll come down to. But our MCs will need someone to literally tell them that’s what they will need to do for it to actually happen.)

So if you enjoy quippy banter and he’s-making-you-call-him-a-car-while-you’re-out-with-friends-because-he-likes-you vibes and believe that third act breakups are unnecessary in romances, this might be right up your alley. If you’re a fan of Ms Hart’s writing already, then absolutely give it a read–it’s very much on-brand for her. As I said before, it’s cute and fluffy and fun; as long as you don’t examine things too closely as you read you’ll probably have a good time.

Rating: 3 1/2 stars / B-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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