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New Release and Review: Some Like It Sinful by Robbie Terman (Perfect Recipe #2)


Title: Some Like It Sinful
Author: Robbie Terman
Series: Perfect Recipe
Genre: Contemporary romance
Published: 2013
Pages:  300
Format read: ebook
Rating: B+


Their attraction is sinfully delicious…

A struggling business and one act of vandalism may have brought them together, but bakery owner Chloe Nelson and professional hockey player Griffin Lange get along like chocolate and pickles. Chloe needs the famous (and famously unattached) Griffin to attract people to her pastries, and Griffin needs the curvaceous and fiery Chloe to keep him out of trouble. A fake relationship to keep the media interested seems like the perfect plan.

But when temptation throws them into bed together, a new plan arises. Why not make the fake real? Griffin’s winning every home game, and Chloe’s business has never been better. Both know it’s only physical—and only temporary. But can they drop their defenses for love, even if it means getting a little bit sinful?


A hockey playing hero? A heroine who bakes for a living–and isn’t afraid to sample her creations? Sign me up!

I really liked this one from the very beginning. Griffin was struggling with being an older player in the NHL, and a captain who hasn’t been able to bring home the Cup in quite a few years. (Though of course, being from the city that’s NEVER brought it home–except for the guy who plays for a different team–it was hard to be too sympathetic!) He had a lot of pressure on him, including rookies who were looking to him for guidance.

Chloe was struggling as well–starting up a new business, this time without her friends; dealing with her own poor body image issues and living under the shadow of the disaster that was her parents’ marriage–it’s amazing that she kept it together as long as she did. I was rooting for her from the first page.

Fake relationships can make for a really fun story, and this one is no exception. I especially enjoyed the celebrity boyfriend aspect of it–that definitely added a whole new layer to the troupe. The fact that Chloe knew nothing about hockey was just too funny–Griffin needed to be taken down a peg or two, and that did it nicely. I also loved all of Griffin’s sports-related superstitions. They’re only weird when they don’t work, right? 😉

The one part–and admittedly, it was a pretty significant part of the plot–that I had a bit of an issue with was the idea that an ADA would use a celebrity’s community service hours to help out her own sister. It took me a while to get past that–it just seemed a tad bit unethical. The deal eventually becomes public knowledge, though, and the resulting fallout and the characters’ response definitely eased my mind.

Oh, and can I just say–absolutely adorable ending? Definitely sigh worthy!

Rating: B+

I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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