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New Release Review and Giveaway! BLACK MOON DRAW by Lizzy Ford

Award-winning author Lizzy Ford is back with a fantastical novel, BLACK MOON DRAW, where we find out what happens when a reader gets sucked into the novel she’s reading.


Reader beware … A woman suffering from heartbreak wishes her life would change and wakes up in BLACK MOON DRAW, an unfinished book written by her favorite author, where she must seek out the hero and help him on his mission if she is to return home.


A reader gets sucked into the book she’s reading and is trapped, unless she convinces the hero of the story to send her home. Just her luck – the book is unfinished, and its sexy hero is far more alpha male than she’s prepared to handle.

What Naia doesn’t know: the story – and its hero – have been expecting her for quite some time, even though she has no idea what she’s doing there.

Naia must learn quickly how to navigate the dangerous, magical world of Black Moon Draw and find a way to complete her journey with the unlikely, uncooperative hero of the story, who holds the key to returning her home.



Wow, what a crazy ride this book delivers! On the surface, it seems like every bookworm’s dream–an avid reader getting an all-expenses trip into their latest reading obsession. Except…Naia hasn’t yet read far enough to even figure out who the hero of the story is. And everyone she meets is calling her a “witch” and expecting her to go into battle, when she’d much rather climb a tree. And the most infuriating man she’s ever met–the Shadow Knight, who can’t possibly be the hero–is dragging her around with him, insulting her every chance he gets, and has an odd obsession with chopping off her body parts and throwing her from high places.

All she wants is to get home to her cats. And her library books. And Wattpad.

Or does she?

The world of Black Moon Draw is a crazy mashup of just about every fantasy book and movie that Naia’s ever read, and her quirkly, snarky sense of humor (along with the author’s) had me laughing out loud at times. My butt twinged in sympathy every time she had to get on a horse again. Her frustration at having to live inside a first draft (the time of day would just randomly change from day to night with very little warning–a problem that presumably would have been worked out in further edits, but which didn’t help Naia’s present situation at all) was too funny.

Though the story’s pace slowed down a bit at times, it soon picked up again, making this a fast-paced, quirky and unique read. It offers a different twist on the “stranger in a strange place” theme, and does so with a real tongue-in-cheek style of humor. The mysterious author “JF” definitely gets what is coming to her in the end. Which leaves us with two questions:

  1. Is there a sequel?
  2. Where can I get my own big, burly, gorgeous warrior who smells like brownies?

The message the book delivers? Believe in yourself. And never IM while drunk. (Or maybe just the former. Come to think of it, the latter ended up working out for Naia…eventually.)

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


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Lizzy Ford is the author of over thirty books written for young adult and  adult romance readers, to include the internationally bestselling “Rhyn Trilogy,” “Witchling Series” and the “War of Gods” series. Lizzy has focused on keeping her readers happy by producing brilliant, gritty romances that remind people why true love is a trial worth enduring. Lizzy’s books can be found on every major ereader library, to include: Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Sony and Smashwords. She lives in southern Arizona with her husband, three dogs and a cat.


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