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New Release Review: DRAWN TO YOU by Serena Grey

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Drawn to You Cover

Drawn to You
Adult Contemporary Erotic Romance
Release: December 9, 2014


He thinks she’s a hooker.
She thinks she’s in love with someone else.

After one memorable night, Rachel Foster cannot stop thinking about sexy billionaire hotelier Landon Court, and the way his touch set her body on fire. But as far as she knows, she’s never going to see him again, and that’s okay, because she’d rather not risk falling for him anyway.

For Landon, one night is not enough. He wants Rachel, and he’s not prepared to back down. He always gets what he wants, and she will not be an exception.

Unable to resist her attraction to Landon, Rachel decides to give him what he wants, but on her own terms.

One week. Just sex. No commitment.

What happens when love is not allowed, but everything else is?



Drawn to You has an interesting premise and an intriguing start. I felt for Rachel and her unrequited relationship with Jack–who hasn’t been there?–and her stumbling into Landon definitely feels fortuitous. The “thought she was a hooker” part gave it all a different twist.

It was a definite plus is Rachel’s favor that she doesn’t keep her “pay” from him (she does take it, but she gives it away, at least), however, though she tells the reader that the feelings she develops for Landon are totally different from what she felt for Jack, the relationship doesn’t feel all that different. In both, she’s the one secretly hoping for more while letting the guy be the one in charge of defining their relationship. When she finally voices her opinion on the matter, the book’s over–and her relationship might be as well. (Yeah–cliffhanger alert.)

We only see things from Rachel’s point of view, which didn’t really make Landon a terribly sympathetic character. Instead, he comes off as way too good to be true (powerful, gorgeous, rich, killer bod, nice clothes, no need for recovery time, and did I mention obscenely rich?). We’re supposed to feel sorry for him given his tragic backstory, but it’s hard to when he’s cooler about it than a February in Buffalo and is constantly telling the heroine it’s none of her business.

Ultimately this one just felt too fictional for me to really appreciate. I liked Rachel but wanted her to show more inner strength; I can see the outward appeal of Landon as a hero but he has a lot of ground to make up to really deserve her. Hopefully he’ll make that his mission as the series continues.

Rating: 3 stars / C

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


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About the Author:

Serena Grey is a bestselling author of romance. Ever since Fifty Shades of Grey and the Crossfire series, she’s had a thing for hot sexy billionaires and constantly tries to help them find happily-ever-afters in her books.

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