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Zak Forrester, Hero of HER ALASKAN HERO, Talks About Meeting California Girl Sabrina Tate (with a giveaway!)


I’m Zak Forrester. My brothers and I own the Forrester lodge in Gold Creek, Alaska.  Gold Creek is only accessible via airplane. We have everything you could want for an Alaskan getaway. We have fishing, hunting, hiking, gold-panning, we even have a hot springs. In the winter we have snow machining and gorgeous views of the Northern Lights. It’s a remote and rugged place not for the faint of heart.

So why this woman shows up without a reservation wearing only flip-flops, a windbreaker, and a skirt is beyond my comprehension. She not Alaskan, that’s for sure. What do these lower forty-eighters think? You need to be prepared for Alaska’s harsh climate. The weather can change in an instant—especially in the fall. She needs to go back to wherever it is she came from. I don’t have time to deal with her. I have work to do.

But she looks upset, something is bothering her, so at least I can offer her something to eat before I send her packing. A sandwich isn’t that much trouble, but what’s with the request for fat-free mayo? Hell will freeze over the day we carry fat-free mayo at the lodge. She needs to eat her sandwich and catch the next flight out of here.

She’s soaking wet. If she’s not careful, she’ll catch pneumonia. I’ll stick her by the fireplace and get her dry, then I’m escorting her out of my lodge.


He’s a rugged outdoorsman, she’s a California princess out to prove she can make it on her own.

Fans of contemporary romance are sure to love debut author Rebecca Thomas’ sensual story where opposites attract in HER ALASKAN HERO.


After being left at the altar, California girl Sabrina Tate needs to make a fast getaway. With her famous overbearing parents and the paparazzi hot on her heels, where else is a jilted bride to go to lick her wounds but Alaska? With only her tropical honeymoon clothes in tow, she makes her escape. For two weeks, she’ll live on her own and prove to herself—and her family—that she can make it without a husband.

Zak Forrester is a man on a mission. He’s turned his rugged yet luxurious Alaskan lodge into a hotspot for hunters, all in the hope to make up for a painful event in his past. But when Sabrina—one of the rare women to enter his rugged realm—stumbles into his world, he can’t get rid of her fast enough. He has no time for her yoga, vegetarian meal requests, or Scrabble.

Soon, neither can resist the other, and two hearts collide. With time ticking away, they have to decide where they belong. Is a life in a different world better than being a world apart?



Her Alaskan Hero was a sweet read with likable characters and a fantastic setting. Except for the exorbitant prices for groceries (and snow, if you’re not a fan–but puh-lease, I’m from Buffalo!), be prepared to want to visit “the last frontier” by the time you’re done with this short novel.

I liked that both Sabrina and Zak helped each other fill in what was missing in their lives–Sabrina needed to start making choices for herself, and Zak needed to loosen up and start living–sure, it was a case of opposites attract, but really they had more in common than they thought. At the novel’s start, both of them were making decisions based on their families at the expense of their own well-being.

And hey, any book with sled dog puppies is going to score in my book. 😉

There was some definite insta-almost-everything going on in this novel, though–Sabrina’s entire trip to Alaska, which involved changing planes and ending up in a tiny, rural town where she didn’t know for sure she’d have a place to stay started the “this is all happening really quick” theme off with a bang. Zak and Sabrina felt both insta-lust and soon after insta-love; don’t get me wrong, I liked them as a couple, but it all came together with alarming speed. And though the dialogue occasionally suffered from clunkiness, neither issue seriously detracted from my enjoyment of the story.

Book two promises to tell Ethan’s story, and after that Zak still has two more brothers, one of whom plays in the NHL… 😉

Rating: 3 stars / C+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


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About Rebecca Thomas:2013-RebeccaThomas

Rebecca Thomas enjoys a love-hate relationship with Alaska. She lives there with her bush pilot husband and two teenaged sons. When she isn’t reading, writing, or playing board games, she is cheering for her sons at their hockey games and tennis matches.

A reluctant reader as a child, she didn’t become interested in books until her teen years when she discovered historical romance. Now she loves all sub-genres of romance and can’t decide which one is her favorite.

Rebecca earned a bachelor’s degree in Education from the University of Alaska and was employed in the airline industry for several years before working in her current position as a program manager in higher education.


Connect with Rebecca:  Website | Newsletter | Facebook | Twitter | Amazon Author Page | Google + | Tumblr  Goodreads | From Here to There Romance



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