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Christy English, Author of HOW TO TRAIN YOUR HIGHLANDER, Tells Us the 10 Most Important Things About Writers (with a giveaway!)

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The 10 Most Important Things about Being a Writer

Writers are born with a pen in our hands and with stories in our hearts. I have been a writer since I was a child, though I’ve only been published for the last eight years. The life of a writer is exciting and tedious by turns, exhilarating and difficult, lonely and filled with love. The ten most important things about being a writer are below. For the other writers out there, both published and unpublished, if you can think of more, please put them in the comments section below. I’d love to hear what you think.


1. Story-telling is in our blood.

I’m not sure where the ideas come from: the subconscious, my dreaming mind, or the Muse, but I am grateful that they show up. I pray that they always do. A writer can’t help but write. Even if we were never paid a penny, we would write for ourselves. But don’t tell my publishing house that. LOL


2. We write what we want to read.

Every book I have ever written, every short story came to me from my characters and I always wanted to know what happened next. I fall in love with my books as I write them, and I get to hear my characters’ stories first. It is exciting, and it’s an honor. Please Muse, keep those stories coming.


3. Every writer is also a reader.

I read every waking moment that I can. Whether a book or an ebook, I always have a story clutched in my hand.


4. First drafts are the hardest.

There is something about sitting in a chair in front of a computer, looking at a blank page that is always intimidating. That’s where my characters come in, guiding me every step of the way. But every book is an adventure and a leap of faith.


5. Staying in the chair is a challenge.

Sometimes even when the scene I’m working on is flowing, I still want to get up and run away from my computer. In those moments, if I’m writing at home, the laundry calls to me, or the dishes in the sink. Always, I bring myself back to the characters and what they’re thinking and feeling, and I keep on typing.


6. Coca Cola/caffeine is a writer’s friend.

When I am up to my neck in deadlines, Coca Cola keeps me going. Caffeine and sugar combined…I love it!


7. Eating scones with clotted cream helps when you are writing a novel set in England.

I don’ know why this is so, but all of my novels but one have been set in England, and I have found this to be absolutely true.


8. Writing brings you joy.

I love my work and everything about it, even the hard stuff, like first drafts and making the day’s word count. The hard things in life bring the most joy.


9. The book is the boss.

When I’m stumped on a plot development, I take a walk. When I come back, the characters tell me what they’re going to do next. They are always in charge. It’s their story, after all.


10. Always listen to your editor.

I am a fortunate woman in that I have had three absolutely brilliant editors in the course of my career so far. They give good notes, and I listen. Their notes always make my book better.

About the author:

Ever since Christy English picked up a fake sword in stage combat class at the age of fourteen, she has lived vicariously through the sword-wielding women of her imagination. A banker by day and a writer by night, she loves to eat chocolate, drink too many soft drinks, and walk the mountain trails of her home in North Carolina.


Title: How to Train Your Highlander
Series: Broadswords and Ballrooms, #3
Author: Christy English
Pub Date: December 6, 2016
ISBN: 9781492612933


She’s the Hellion of Hyde Park…

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  1. Always carry at least three blades.
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Wild Highlander Mary Elizabeth Waters is living on borrowed time. She’s managed to dodge the marriage banns up to now, but even Englishmen can only be put off for so long…and there’s one in particular who has her in his sights.

Harold Percy, Duke of Northumberland, is enchanted by the beautiful hellion who outrides every man on his estate and dances Scottish reels while the ton looks on in horror. The more he sees Mary, the more he knows he has to have her, tradition and good sense be damned. But what’s a powerful man to do when the Highland spitfire of his dreams has no desire to be tamed…


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