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Quantum Series Review! RAVENOUS by M.S. Force (Quantum #5)

by M.S. Force

A stand-alone Quantum story from New York Times bestselling author M.S. Force!

She wants a baby. He wants her. Simple enough, right?

Ellie Godfrey has kissed her share of frogs. So many, in fact, that she fears she won’t recognize her prince if and when he finally comes along. Tired of waiting for THE ONE, Ellie decides to have a baby on her own before it’s too late.

When Jasper Autry hears about Ellie’s plan, what else can he do but step in and offer to “contribute” to her project. Does that make him an opportunist? Whatever. He wants the perpetually out-of-reach Ellie Godfrey, and when he sees his chance, he takes it. That she’s the sister of his business partner and close friend Flynn gives him pause, but it doesn’t stop him from having what he wants.

As Jasper and Ellie embark upon their secret “project,” he makes it clear that for as long as they’re together, he’s in charge—in the bedroom anyway. After the hottest sex of her life, Ellie realizes she’s made a deal with the devil himself.

Warning: If you hate foul-mouthed heroes who like it a little rough and dirty, this might not be the book for you…Contains hot and sexy BDSM scenes among other things that might not appeal to the faint of heart. Enter at your own risk and enjoy!



loved Ellie and Jasper. So, so good together; so, so hot together–OMG. It just killed me that they each were so convinced that they couldn’t possibly be together when they were so obviously meant to be together–so frustrating! (But in a good, angsty-plot-y way, of course!) As much as I loved each and every Ellie and Jasper scene in this book (and bring me a fan and a cooler of hot drinks, I seriously loved them!), I really, really hope we get to see plenty of the continuation of their life together as the series goes on, because…yeah. Those two.

Did I mention how much I love them together? 😉

Ravenous should work well as a standalone–I haven’t (yet!) read all of the other series books, and it wasn’t at all a problem. You do see just enough of the other characters, though, to make you really want to read their stories as well–don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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