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New Release Review! STEALING HOME by Tara Wyatt (Dallas Longhorns #1)

Stealing Home cover

In award-winning author Tara Wyatt’s first book in her brand new Dallas Longhorns contemporary baseball romance series, a pro baseball player wants a second chance with the woman he loved ten years ago—but secrets from the past might keep them apart.

Dylan McCormick has it all. A pro baseball career, millions of dollars, and a life most only dream of. But everyone has regrets, including Dylan—and he’s just come face to face with his in the form of Longhorns media director Maggie Jennings. Ten years ago, he loved her but made a choice that cost him the future he’d hoped for with her. Now, with a chance at redemption on the line, Dylan’s throwing the rule book out the window, willing to do whatever it takes to win Maggie back.

When Dylan’s traded to the Longhorns, Maggie can’t deny that she’s still drawn to him after all these years, and decides that the best way to get over him is to get under him—all in the name of closure. But being friends with benefits with Dylan has Maggie wondering if they could be more to each other. When long-buried secrets resurface, Maggie will have to decide if loving Dylan is a curveball she can handle.

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He sighed, his nostrils flaring. "I know I should stay away from you, but fuck...I don't think I can."
"Then don't. We both know what this is."
"Friends with benefits," he said wrapping a lock of her hair around one of his fingers. Something tender inside her tried to blossom at the memory of how he'd doe that same thing ten years ago, but she shoved it away.
She bit her lip and looked up at him. "I wouldn't go so far as to say we're friends. I'm really only interested in the benefits."


Though IRL I’m not the biggest baseball fan (read: IMO it’s just below watching paint dry as a fun way to pass the time–I mean, why can’t they just play 2 or 3 innings? I could get behind that) I am so here for Tara Wyatt‘s new baseball-themed romance series, Dallas Longhorns! Dylan and Maggie’s story give us a solid start, and the next book, Wild Card (Hunter’s book!) looks just as promising.

Dylan and Maggie’s story is a second chance romance. On the surface it sounds like a story you’ve heard before–high school sweethearts who break up when one of them (okay, it’s usually the guy) leaves town in search of bigger and better things find each other years later and…things happen. Often the reason for the breakup is either 1) long distance is hard! It will never work or 2) it’s in [one or both of the characters’] best interest(s) to break up now, so they can move on to bigger and better things. And for years–ten of them, to be exact–Maggie’s believed that though she was told that the reason she was unceremoniously dumped was the first one, it really had more to do with Dylan’s dad’s deciding that she wasn’t good enough for his son and encouraging their split.

And she was right…but she had no idea the extent of his duplicity. And Dylan hopes that she’ll never find out the details. He’s sure as heck not going to tell her–it took him almost half of the book to even get her to agree to be friends with him again, let alone go on an actual date. (He works long and hard on convincing her to give him a chance again–it’s all kinds of sweet. Oh, and steamy AF ;)) So of course he’s not going to mess that up.

Except we all know that by not fessing up, he’s going to mess that up, right?

What can Dylan possibly do to gain her trust again? Does Maggie even want him to try? You’re going to have to read Stealing Home to find out. But trust me when I tell you the journey to their HEA offers both emotion and sexytimes–and just enough baseball to keep me busy imagining the hero and his teammates in those nicely fitted uniform pants. 😉

Now, bring on Hunter’s book–I’m ready!

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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