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New Release Review! LOUD MOUTH by Avery Flynn (Ice Knights #3)

Loud Mouth cover

I never meant to say a word, not one single word.

But I did.

And now, because of my blog, everyone knows that Ice Knights hockey star Ian Petrov’s best friend and fellow player is actually his half brother—hello, hockey Hall of Famer dad who couldn’t keep his jeans zipped.

That wouldn’t be such a big deal if Ian knew. He didn’t, and boy howdy is he pissed. And who is he most mad at? Oh sure, he’s upset with his dad and former best friend/brother from another mother, but most of his ire is with me. It’s definitely a case of hating the messenger.

And what could make it worse? How about the two of us being trapped together in a remote cabin after a massive blizzard. Neither of us can leave. Just us, the snow, his resentment, and OMG sexual tension so thick it would take a snowplow to break through it.

I’ve got to get out of here before I do something even dumber than I’ve already done and kiss the sexy, snarly grump with his misplaced anger and perfect pecs. That would be the worst, the absolute worst. That’s why I’m not going to do it. Nope. Really. So why can’t I stop imagining what it would be like?

Each book in the Ice Knights series is STANDALONE:
* Parental Guidance
* Awk-Weird
* Loud Mouth

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This was exactly the fun fluffy read I needed this past weekend! Shelby and Ian start out with an enemies-to-lovers vibe, but truthfully that doesn’t last long since Shelby hadn’t meant to out Ian’s biggest secret and he realizes it fairly quickly. (Annnnnd they kinda fall into bed even quicker, which is a whole other story–but it was snowing! They were trapped together at the cabin! And there was only one…living room rug? 😉 )

Relationship pacing aside, I enjoyed the snark of this one as much as the swoon. Even when they were attempting to stick to their “what happens in a different zip code” relationship it was easy to root for them to reach their HEA.

(I also loved watching Ian and his brother come together against their common enemy–their a-hole sperm donor–and am crossing my fingers really, really hard that Alex is getting his own book too.)

Though this is the third book in the series, it could absolutely work as a standalone. If you’ve read Ms Flynn’s Hartigans series, though, you’ll love the part Lucy ( Muffin Top ) plays here as she tries to keep Ian, Alex, and the rest of the Ice Knights in line.

It’s a tough job, but she’s just the woman to do it 😉

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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