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New Release and Giveaway! ANGEL BONDS by Lexi C. Foss (Immortal Curse series)

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Angel Bonds cover

Angel Bonds
Author: Lexi C Foss
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Death courts Astasiya Davenport at every turn.Dark fates lurk in the shadows of the night.

And a prophecy looms unbidden on the horizon.

With her future in shambles, she leans on Issac Wakefield for his love and support. They crave just one more moment together, one more night, until a massacre destroys everything in their path.

Will their relationship perish in the embers of destruction, or will love persevere?

Kingdoms will fall.
New powers will emerge.
And a Seraphim will rise from the ashes of despair.

An immortal war is on the horizon.
Death will reign.
The endgame begins now.


“You’re starting to scare me.” Aya’s touch had stilled. “Issac?”

“I…” He had to clear his throat, his mouth watering with the desire to taste her again. To imbibe her blood the way he used to.

Why now? Why after two months of controlling it am I failing now?

He shook above her, his self-discipline shredding inside of him.

He felt compelled to bite her.

Possessed by some unknown entity that presided over them, dictating his actions.

What is happening to me?

Just one bite.

No, he couldn’t. Wouldn’t. Not with his life in the balance.

And what about her life?

The pull tugged him forward, her pulse singing beneath his mouth. Just—

“Remove your mouth from my neck,” Aya demanded hoarsely, her words laced with power.

Issac lifted, unable to resist the call of her persuasion.

Her eyes filled with tears, her lips trembling from what it took to force him away from her in that manner.

“Fuck,” he breathed, the spell broken as he rolled away from her.

He’d nearly bitten her.

Had scraped his teeth over her skin, ready to take her.

“Fuck,” he repeated, his palms digging into his eyes.

This is never going to work.

About Immortal Curse Series:

Author: Lexi C Foss
Genre: Paranormal Romance

Welcome to a world of cursed immortals, broken rules and eternal love…

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About Lexi C. Foss:

 Lexi C. Foss is an award winning and bestselling author of paranormal romance. She loves complex plots, twists and turns, and writing fantasy with strong, realistic elements. Many of her readers comment on how her worlds feel real, and she not-so-secretly wishes they were—at least some of them.

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"I was on the edge of my seat from the very first page"
-Amazon reviewer, about Angel Bonds
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    Thanks for sharing this book with us. I think we all enjoy reading about new books we previously didn’t know about. Also, thank you for the giveaway.

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    I liked the excerpt.

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    I loved the post, it was a really great excerpt.

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