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New Release Review! THE INTROVERT’S GUIDE TO ONLINE DATING by Emma Hart (Introvert’s Guide #1)

The Introvert's Guide to Online Dating cover

Online dating: the act in which you try to avoid the catfishes and D pics. And try not to get caught hooking up with your best friend’s brother.

With all my best friends off the market, it’s time that I, Tori Sussex, join them.
So where better to find my future husband than the internet? It’s great. I get to get all the awkward stuff out of the way and already know if I’m going to like the guy before we meet in person.

It’s a shame nothing is ever that simple.

My relationship with Colton Lane is the very definition of complicated—dirty little no-strings-attached hook-ups we’ve somehow managed to keep secret from all our friends for the past six months. We’re bound to get caught, and if I’m serious about dating, I only have one choice.

Call it quits. End our little covert booty calls for good. Tell him my parking space is off-limits to him.

It should be easy. It should be simple.

And I’m sure it would be… If only I wasn’t in love with him.

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Another super fun read!

Tori and Colt’s story was just as delicious as I’d hoped it would be. From reading the other books in the previous series, it was pretty obvious that something was going on between the two of them (I may have cackled with delight when this was finally confirmed? I will neither confirm nor deny), and I just knew that their book was going to be fabulous.

As always, I am happy to be proved right 😉

The Introvert’s Guide to Online Dating is a quirky, funny, sexy book populated with quirky, funny, sexy people–you don’t have to have read the series before (or The Girl Next Door , which is also connected) but honestly? Do yourself a favor and read them all. Then Quackie Chan, Hen Solo, and the handmade clay, uh, inappropriate body parts you’ll encounter here will be less shocking. And you’ll already know who everyone is and their individual quirks (mostly. I still have moments of, wait–who is that again? that would be 100% fixed by just binging everything all at once. But no, I have to read them all as they come out ;))

In a nutshell, Tori and Colt are getting to be the last two people in their friend group who are still single, and all of their friends have noticed that they don’t seem to get along well. Or at all. Or is it that they don’t get along a little too well? As in a the lady doth protest too much kind of way? Whichever the case may be, their super-happy-in-love friends and siblings want them to also be super-happy-in-love, and if they’re not going to do that together (which Tori and Colt have been assuring them forever now they are not) then why not online dating?

Because online dating, of course. And the fact that they’re being enemies-with-benefits behind everyone else’s back. And they might also be growing feelings for each other.

But also because online dating. (shudder)

Watching Tori and Colt try to keep their non-relationship from everyone else is all kinds of fun, and so is watching them watch each other try to date other people. Ms Hart lets it all get almost to the OMG, would they just have a freaking conversation about this? stage before ending all of our misery–honestly, the woman is a rom com genius. The ending is all kinds of cute and now she’s got me all but salivating for London’s and Piper’s books–they cannot come out soon enough!

Rating: 4 stars/ A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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