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Release Day and Giveaway! ONCE UPON THE LONGEST NIGHT A Paranormal Romance Anthology

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Once Upon the Longest Night 
Publication date: December 21st 2018
Genres: Adult, Paranormal, Romance


The longest night. A vampire’s delight. 

The winter solstice, a time of birth and rebirth, life and death, waning light and rising darkness. A time when those who flee the sun and crave the taste of blood find their greatest solace. 

But one never knows what the longest night might hold. 

Once Upon the Longest Night, a collection of adult paranormal romances, features eight novelettes of lovers and their battles against one of the greatest legends of our time: the vampire. A 15th-century seaman and the love of his life come face to face with a vengeful manjasang. In ancient Rome, a hunted priestess captured by a loyal centurion offers her aid to the enemy. With the help of a handsome Royal courier, a reluctant Romanian princess braves the curse flowing within her noble blood. Danger awaits when a vampire in the far reaches of North Dakota must endure the lethal cold to protect the woman she loves. And in a future New York, a broken general returns home for the Longest Night Ball where he meets a young male witch who might change his life forever. 

This anthology combines vampire mythos and affairs of the heart with the sacred symbolism and magic of the winter season. 

Sit back and let us tell you a tale. Welcome to the Longest Night.

Heat levels: Sweet to erotic.

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'The kiss began slow, but the urgency between them quickly rose. She kissed him the way she'd dreamed, the way they'd once kissed in the shadows of Canevale. 

"To form a better image of him in her mind, she ran her hands across his chest and over his shoulders. In truth, she'd always imagined he'd return like most men of the sea--wind-worn and weathered to the bone. Yet the body beneath her hands didn't feel gaunt."

"It felt powerful. It felt unwavering."

From SILVER HEART by Charissa Weaks
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