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Book Review: Unleashed Under the Mistletoe by Isabel Windsor




The pretty girls never say yes to a guy like him.

But when Leo overhears the ladies in the office laughing at him behind his back, he does the unthinkable: he accepts a mysterious invitation to a secret group known as The Grove.

Thinking he’s at an exclusive holiday business party, Leo is shocked when leather clad beauties order the guests to strip!

The moment Evie lays eyes on Leo, she’s drawn by his dark, exotic good looks. Once she gets his clothes off and sees him for the shy but sexy guy he is, she’s tempted to shed her Domina persona.

Can an office geek wake up and see that this free-spirited woman might want more than to tie him up and make him beg?

Savor your first taste of the Pleasure Grove.


Somehow, Unleashed Under the Mistletoe manages to pull of being both sweet and smexy at the same time. You can’t help but feel for Leo’s character–he’s definitely the nice, geeky guy who never, ever gets the girl, and at least two of his coworkers are unbelievably nasty to him. We’re talking should have left it behind in high school, if not junior high nasty–their behavior definitely increases Leo’s likability by about a thousandfold.

Evie’s character becomes even more sympathetic because of her ability to see beyond Leo’s exterior to the great guy he is underneath. Their relationship is both sexy and sweet, and readers are definitely pulling for them both from the very beginning.

There isn’t a whole lot of “mistletoe” in the book–really, the holidays are far in the background for much of the narrative. The focus instead is on Leo and Evie’s relationship–both in and out of the club. There are a few odd details–Leo magically manages to get himself out of handcuffs that suddenly disappear, for example–but overall this was a fast and fun read with highly likable main characters. (And a sneaky, behind-the-scenes busybody: I know I’m anxious to see who he–or she–will “help” next!)

B- rating.

I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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