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New Release Review: Stop Dragon My Heart Around by Susannah Scott

Susannah Scott’s visiting the blog today, offering advice for aspiring writers. Check out her guest post here–and enter her blog tour giveaway while you’re at it!

Stop Dragon

Stop Dragon My Heart Around
by Susannah Scott


When I finished the first book in the Las Vegas Dragons series, Luck of the Dragon, I was already anxious to read Leo and Tee’s story. Stop Dragon My Heart Around definitely did not disappoint. In fact, I think I like book two better than book one!

For one thing, it definitely doesn’t hurt that Leo is described as looking like Thor.

You know, THOR.

“It’s that hotty superhero with the hammer.” The brunette still pointed at Leo. Her mouth hung open to show a brass tongue piercing.

“Thor,” the blonde beside her whispered and smacked her gum again. “I bet he has a big ole hammer too.”

Beside her, Leo smiled and shrugged, like he had some superhero secret he couldn’t share. Ridiculous.

“This is not Thor,” Tee said with an uncomfortable laugh. Next to the diminutive young women, she felt gawky. She straightened her stooping shoulders and stretched to her full height. Then, she gave the two a smile she hoped conveyed patient helpfulness.

“Tell them you’re not Thor,” Tee said.

“Good day, ladies.” Leo poured on his Australian accent and the two shrieked like schoolgirls. “I’m actually Leonidas Ryan, head of Casino Operations, but people often say I look like that actor.” He looked at her in question.

“Chris Hemsworth,” Tee said with an eye roll. “You’re nothing like him.”

“Yes, he is,” Trixie said, staring at Leo like a carb-dieter drooling over a loaded pizza. “Those eyes, those shoulders. That accent. I bet you have a six pack too.” She smiled at him and twirled her blonde hair around her finger.

“I guess that makes me the God of Thunder.” Leo patted his flat stomach and winked. “With a vee-rry large hammer.”


Sorry. I was distracted by thoughts of Thor’s biceps. And his…hammer.

Ahem. Anyway. Back to the review…

Stop and Luck are similar in that they both feature male dragons who are in danger of losing their dragon forms if they don’t find a mate…and it becomes apparent that those chosen mates just might be–oh, the horror!–human.

Leo and Tee, though, already have a very strong attraction to each other before their book begins. They shared a steamy kiss backstage at the casino, a kiss neither one can get out of their heads. The page practically bursts into flames every time the two of them are together, and Leo’s begun looking for his dragon mark on Tee every time he sees her, hoping against hope. Tee, who has no idea what he’s doing, notices that he appears to have an odd fixation with staring at her hands and wonders at it. Is he trying to read her palms? Strange.

Each time Leo looks, though–there’s nothing. No mark.

Leo begins to contemplate giving up his dragon form for Tee. His mate may never show up, after all, and his attraction for the beautiful casino hostess is getting to be too much to deny. Can he? Should he?

Tee’s got her own problems, however. At the same time she finally decides to launch “Operation Leo” (because, gosh darn it, it’s time he stops dragging her heart around and they do something about their explosive chemistry!) she runs into a heated conflict with another casino employee. To complicate things even further, tensions are running high between the older and newer generations back at the Paiute reservation where her father is chief. Will this “thing” with Leo help solve her problems, or add to them?

And what the heck will she do when she learns the truth of who Leo is and finds out that she’s been living surrounded by dragons and didn’t know it?

Yeah, I’m not going to tell you. You’ll have to read it for yourself.

It’s okay. You’ll thank me.

Stop sets up the next book in the series nicely–fellow casino employee Jane is next in line to find her dragon mate.

Poor Darius, however, apparently will still be waiting for Mei to stop her slow torture of him and accept the reality of their mating.

For the third book in a row.

Cruel, Susannah Scott, cruel. 😉

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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