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New Release Review and Giveaway: PROBLEMS IN PARADISE by Kelsey Browning (Texas Nights #3)

Kelsey Browning’s latest is out–and it’s laugh-out-loud funny!

Problems In Paradise Cover - Final and Giveaway

Problems in Paradise (Texas Nights #3)
by Kelsey Browning
Author of Texas Nights Series
Co-author of The Granny Series
Release: July 14, 2014
Genre: contemporary romance, romantic comedy
Format: ebook


Book Summary:


Eden Durant hasn’t always been Eden Durant. She’s made a fresh start in Shelbyville, Texas, far from her mother’s notoriety. Running the Paradise Garden Café is as much excitement as Eden wants—or it was, until she meets Beck Childress. Although he’s the one man who could expose her past, she’s willing to open up enough to see if he might be her future.


Chief Deputy Childress is determined to get to know the real Eden, when he isn’t busy cleaning up after the sheriff and running in the election to replace him. When several men fall sick after eating in Eden’s café, he investigates even as her mysterious past raises both his suspicions and his protective instincts.


As their relationship heats up, so do the pressures of Beck’s campaign. When Eden’s secrets are revealed, jeopardizing his dream of becoming sheriff, he’ll need to choose: serve and protect the town he loves or the woman who makes it home.



A five star start, veering toward three near the end, but averaged out to a solid four all together…

Problems in Paradise had some definite laugh out loud moments. Some of my favorite parts were the heroine’s redneck-themed gifts to the hero–just too funny!–and Voltaire, the hound they share “custody” of. Kelsey Browning definitely has a flair for writing the ridiculous–the dialogue snark between Eden and Beck is great, and often made me giggle.

You could practically see the steam rising off of my ereader when those two got together–wowza. Fun reading. 🙂

Beck was a great hero overall–man in uniform who loves dogs alert–he made redneck sheriff look sexy 😉 I definitely shared his (as well as Allie’s, Roxanne’s, and Ashton’s) frustration that Eden wouldn’t trust him (them) enough to reveal her secrets. It made sense up to a point, but then it felt like she really needed to show them all more respect than her silence was doing.

Eden was a very sympathetic character for much of the book–she had a difficult upbringing and tons of family issues (though, hey–Beck’s sister is a piece of work too ) and she was really trying to build a commendable business and getting some very unfair flack in the process. She had such great intentions, and so much that happened wasn’t at all her fault–it was heartbreaking. However, she did have a tendency to get too bogged down in her internal my-toxic-past-will-make-everyone-hate-me-and-hurt-the-ones-I-love dialogue. I so wanted her to get over it several chapters before she did.

But she finally does–her apology is definitely unique!–and we get our HEA, plus there’s a dog, so… 😉

This one was my favorite in the series so far, and for the first three-quarters or so, I absolutely loved it. The end was a bit shaky with too much of the non-communication/I’m-doing-this-for-your-own-good vibe to it–but overall this was a four-star read for funny scenes, an awesome dog, and a smokin’ hot relationship between the hero and heroine. Hopefully the next book will be Ashton’s–hers is one I’m definitely looking forward to reading!

(Cover rant time: why does he have brown hair on the cover? He’s supposed to be blond, Carina Press. They mention it several times–yet no matter how long I look at it, that cover model stays stubbornly dark haired. With what looks like gray highlights. Why?)

Rating: 4 stars / B rating

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Book Links:     Amazon / Barnes & Noble / Kobo / Books-A-Million / Carina Press / Goodreads


About the Author

Kelsey Browning writes sass kickin’ love stories and cozy Southern mysteries. Originally from a Texas town smaller than the ones she writes about, Kelsey has also lived in the Middle East and Los Angeles, proving she’s either adventurous or downright nuts. These days, she hangs out in northeast Georgia with Tech Guy, Smarty Boy, and Bad Dog. She’s currently at work on the next book in her Texas Nights series and The Granny Series.


Connect with Kelsey: Email / Website / Newsletter / Facebook / Twitter / Goodreads / Pinterest


Kelsey is giving an ecopy of Personal Assets, book one in the series, to one commenter on this blog! Enter below 🙂

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Praise for Texas Nights Series:

Problems in Paradise:

“Starring a sexy lawman and a woman with a scandalous secret, a deliciously fun read.” – Shannon Stacey, New York Times bestselling author


Personal Assets:

“A hot man, a headstrong woman, and sizzling chemistry set against a homey Texas backdrop—Browning’s contemporary debut has all the assets that count!”  -Ruthie Knox, USA Today bestselling author of Flirting with Disaster


“Sinfully hot, sassy, and laugh-out-loud hilarious—everything a southern romance should be!” -Macy Beckett, author of the Sultry Springs series


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  1. Becky – thank you so much for taking the time to read and review Problems in Paradise. It means the world to me!


  2. I grew up in a small town (Pop 1800), and I have lived in a big city. Give me a small town any-day, everybody may know your business, but they will also have your back.

  3. Neena – good point. I’ve lived in places ranging from 1500 to millions (Los Angeles), and you’re right about people knowing you and helping out if needed. It does happen in larger places, but it take a lot more effort to forge those relationships.

    Thanks for popping in today!

  4. I have lived in everything from a tiny little community with four neighbors to Los Angeles (hey, Kelsey!)

    Huge communities isolate you from everyone. You are surrounded by people, but it is devastatingly lonely – no one “connects.” However, when I grew up on a small town, everyone knew your business, and were more than willing to gossip, whether the gossip was true or not…..

    So, I live in the mountains with no neighbors – but a passel of online friends!~

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