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New Release Review and Giveaway: HER TEMPORARY HERO by Jennifer Apodaca (Once a Marine #2)

It’s always fun–if a bit disconcerting, at times–to read a book where the heroine shares your first name 🙂

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Her Temporary Hero
by Jennifer Apodaca


Former beauty queen Becky Holmes and her baby are on the run from her dangerous ex. With her dreams of love and marriage destroyed, she’ll do anything to protect her child…even agree to hide out in her boss’s cousin’s house while he’s away.

Wealthy, sexy, and emotionally haunted Logan Knight needs a temporary wife to get his land, per his dad’s rules. No wife, no inheritance. But when that wife lands on his doorstep and comes with a baby, his darkest memories are triggered. He tries to keep his distance, but his efforts are shattered when he starts to have real feelings for his fake wife and child.

Just as Logan begins to think he may have a future with Becky, his attempt to have it all backfires into a betrayal that forces Becky into a heart-wrenching choice no woman should ever have to make.




Her Temporary Hero was a sweet read. No boundaries were broken here, nothing hugely unique added to the genre or even the troupe (Cinderella story wrapped up in a marriage of convenience), but it was a nice way to spend time in my hammock chair on a lazy summer afternoon.

Logan Knight definitely lives up to his last name, even though he spends much of the book not wanting to be labeled a hero and is sure that he’s not the guy to “save” anyone. He went through some bad things while in the Marines, and now suffers from PTSD. He works for The Baby Bargain‘s Adam’s Once a Marine security agency, but his real focus is on the camp he wants to build on his portion of his family ranch for veterans struggling with similar issues to his own. He’s getting resistance to that plan from his father, though, along with another dad-inspired wrinkle–he has to marry before his soon approaching birthday, or lose the land.

Becky Holmes lost her father and brother at a young age, and her mother died from cancer shortly after Becky became a single mother. Now her (extreme scumbag of a) baby daddy’s out of prison, and looking to make her sorry for putting him there in the first place–and he doesn’t care who he has to hurt to do it. Obviously, she’s the one in need of the “temporary hero” here, and it’s also clear how Logan’s problem will be fixed, right? Because of course both of them just need temporary fixes, nothing permanent at all…

Riiiight. 😉

Logan was a yummy hero, damaged but trying oh-so-hard to do right. Along the way he made some questionable choices (chief among them having a “fake” marriage, of course) but he does an excellent job of making up for it in the end. Becky (besides having an awesome name, of course) is a likable heroine who just wants what is best for her daughter. She is also hoping to someday have the kind of love her parents shared, but for now she’s just looking for a way to keep few-months-old Sophie safe and happy.

You pretty much know where this is going to go from page one, but the journey there is an enjoyable read. (Plus, picture a former-Marine-turned-cowboy holding a baby. Does it get more catnippy than that, I ask you?) The characters from the first book in the Once a Marine series make brief cameos, but since Logan is on leave from his job during the book and keeping Becky’s existence a secret from his coworkers (questionable decision #2) this one works just fine as a standalone.

Though naturally The Baby Bargain has moved up in my TBR. (Sigh–will it never end? Hopefully not 😉 )

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


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About the Author:

Jennifer Apodaca is an award-winning author and an unrepentant coffee-and-book addict. She’s written mysteries, romances, paranormals and grocery lists under the names of Jennifer Lyon and Jennifer Apodaca. She loves creating powerfully sexy alpha heroes and the heroines who tame them. Find Jen at:

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  1. This story sounds good so I downloaded it to my kindle and will read it soon.

  2. jovialvampyre jovialvampyre

    I began reading HTH last night and I’m really into it. I love Jiggy – so protective ;). Thank you.

  3. sara miller sara miller

    I <3 This book so much! Jiggy was a riot!

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