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New Release Review: DEAD REAPER WALKING by Mina Carter (Liberty, Oakwood #2)

Snarky reaper heroine + sexy cop hero + lots of steaminess + mysterious paranormal happenings = fun read!



Underage witches, a breakout from demon prison and a new hellgate… What could go wrong?

Reaper extraordinaire, Laney Larson, is stuck in Liberty, Oakwood of all places, for two reasons. One, there’s way more paranormal activity going on than normal for a little town like Liberty. And two, a sexy as hell cop called Troy.

So when the proverbial hits the fan and they get wind of a demon break-out from the third hell, a prison even the demon king himself won’t set foot in, what’s a reaper to do but strap on her blades and help track the escapee down? But then the creature takes her man, and all bets are off.

A reaper, a demon and a cop… will Death claim them all, or just one?



Short, fast-paced, and fun!

Dead Reaper Walking is the second book in the Liberty, Oakwood series, beginning right after book one ( The Reaper and the Cop ) left off. Pretty much everything you really need to know from book one is mentioned here–just enough so that you 1) can follow this story and 2) want to pick up the first book if you haven’t already.

See the nefarious plan there? 😉

Laney Larson is a true kick-butt heroine. A reaper (violent deaths are her specialty–she calls herself “a final destination air hostess…but without the snazzy uniform, and more attitude”) from a long line of reapers, she finds herself in Liberty because there’s some suspicious supernatural activity going on in town that is above and beyond what a town in its location should have. The fact that there’s also a super hot cop who somehow manages to see her when she’s supposed to be shielded and makes her feel like a smexy gooddess? Deliciously distracting icing on a spooky paranormal cake.

Soon Laney’s got personal problems (when exactly is the “right time” to tell the guy you’re shagging that you separate people from their souls for a living?) on top of professional ones (her Grimm–the “fancy-sci-fi heads up display” that tells her where to go and what to do is disturbingly silent), and things are really starting to get strange in Liberty.

Because apparently there’s at least three teenage girls in town who haven’t learned their don’t mess with the supernatural lesson from just about every teen horror flick out there, and they’ve drawn up something big and bad from the third level of hell. Oh, yeah–and it’s looking like the closest hellmouth isn’t eight miles away anymore, it’s right below their feet.

What’s a girl to do?

Well, if that girl’s Laney, the answer is she’s going to rescue her sexy-ass cop, save the town, and get a reaper upgrade while she’s at it. Plus she’ll manage to have lots of fun sexytimes in between gigs.

Mina Carver leaves the door wide open for future books (What exactly is a “seer”, and what does that mean for Troy? What’s going to happen the police captain?), and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next.

Rating: 4 stars / B+


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