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New Release Review: SEIZED BY LOVE by Melissa Foster (Love in Bloom–the Ryders #1)

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Seized By Love
by Melissa Foster


Lizzie Barber runs a successful flower shop by day and secretly hosts the Naked Baker webcast at night to help pay for her younger sister’s education. To keep friends and family from finding out about her sexy secret, she’s put her social life on hold until her sister’s education is paid off and she can stop filming the webcast.

Blue Ryder fell hard for Lizzie Barber when he met her a year ago, and he hasn’t been able to get her off his mind since. Everything about the feisty little brunette, from her tight bod to her seductive smile, cuts straight to his heart. Though Lizzie has turned down every invitation he’s extended–Blue is not about to give up trying.

Renovating Lizzie’s kitchen brings Blue further into Lizzie’s life, and the oven is not the only thing heating up. One night and one powerful kiss changes everything. But when Lizzie’s secret is revealed and the safe bubble she’s hidden in shatters, true love may not be enough to put the pieces back together.


I have a feeling I’ll be reading more from this series!

I loved Lizzie and her Naked Baker show. What an original idea–and so impressive that she was able to do so much with the proceeds! Kudos to her for being so enterprising and creative and for being such a strong character, even though she was so conflicted over it for so long. Loved, loved, loved her from start to finish.

Now Blue…

For 90% of the book, it was more love. He’s also a great character, and once he decides to step up and support Lizzie…no, now he’s going to support her…no, NOW he really means it, he’s going to be 100% supportive…he’s a great hero. But that 10%? When he was all judgy and then he’d come back and think he’d be okay with it and then he’d get all judgy again? Frustrating. It had nothing to do with him, and the secret she was keeping from him was nothing like the one his ex had. Get over yourself, dude, and let her give you her reasons! I wanted to smack him upside the head, especially when he refused to let her explain and then a few pages later was all “Gee, I should have let her explain…” (and then he went back and was even judgy-er than before. Argh.)

Really, though, that was a blip on the story as a whole. The were an adorable couple, and clearly great together. It’s just when he decided to be a butthead, he went all out. I mean, way to stand by your convictions, dude, but c’mon.

Overall I did enjoy the story and the characters. So much adorableness! Where can I get my own (less judgmental) personal handyman? I am definitely looking forward to more from the series–those Ryders are a fun family! 🙂

Rating: 3 1/2 stars / B+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

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