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Summer Read Review! JUST A SUMMER FLING by Cate Cameron (Sullivan Lake #1)

Just a Summer Fling
by Cate Cameron


Sullivan Lake, Vermont, has plenty of attractions for movie star Ashley Carlsen—pristine nature, local color, and a handyman with a bad reputation for all the right reasons…

Ashley’s movie-star life is starting to feel like an act. She’s desperate to be taken seriously, and after her boyfriend’s affair with a costar, she’s ready for a new scene. A vacation at Sullivan Lake with Hollywood power player Jasmine McArthur might be the answer to all her problems. And according to Jasmine, all Ashley needs is a hot summer fling with local stud Josh Sullivan.

After one look at the handsome handyman, Ashley has a hard time saying no. But Josh is tired of playing boy toy for rich women like Jasmine and her friends. As determined as he is to stay away, he can’t shake the feeling that Ashley is different—and he can’t help noticing her auburn hair and dancing green eyes. But when their budding romance hits the tabloids, will it be another Hollywood scandal, or happily ever after?



Just a Summer Fling is a perfect summer’s-just-getting-started kind of book. I read it over Memorial Day weekend, and the beginning had me giggling like a lunatic on the plane. Fortunately the flight wasn’t at all full, so I’m pretty sure the only person who noticed was my daughter, who was one seat away. I even read her one of the parts, so we were both giggling like lunatics at one point!

Only problem? The flight from Buffalo to Baltimore is just too darn short!

Up until now I’ve only read Ms. Cameron’s YA series, (Corrigan Falls Raiders) which I love, love, love–romance, humor, and hockey; what else could you possibly need? 😉 but when I heard she had a contemporary romance adult series, I knew I had to get my hands on it. I wasn’t sorry! (Well, except that I’ve got a bazillion books I have to read right now for deadlines, and book 2 in the series, Hometown Hero, is just sitting there taunting me. Darn it. It might have to come to work with me once I finish the print book I’m reading for review.)

I just loved the humor in this book. When Ashley and Josh were creating the alphabetical list of hazards in Vermont? Just. Too. Funny. The romance was absolutely adorable–once they let there be a romance, at least (Josh was a bit of a butthead towards the beginning, for reasons we learn later. Mostly it’s him. Plus, there was a misunderstanding caused by a total shrew of a woman that slowed things down for a bit. Honestly, the woman’s a total cow and I just wanted to b*tchsmack her into the next century)–and the ending? Sweetness overload. I was a bit skeptical that the whole movie star/normal guy relationship could end up working and be believable (don’t get me wrong, though, I totally wanted them together!) but Ms. Cameron managed it in a way that made me just want to melt. And smile. And melt some more.

Seriously, I had so much fun reading this book and cannot wait until I have a chance to read the next–the teaser at the end of this one really drew me in.

Fingers crossed that the series is going to continue! Something needs to keep me occupied between now and when the next Corrigan Falls Raiders book comes out 😉

Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A-

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