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Release Day and Giveaway! TOO HOT TO HANDLE by Jennifer Bernard (Jupiter Point #8)

Today we have the release blitz for TOO HOT TO HANDLE by Jennifer Bernard. Check it out and grab your copy today!

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Author: Jennifer Bernard
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release: April 13th


Single father Kevin O’Donnell would do anything to give his daughter Holly a stable life-including leave the Air Force and take a job working at Knight and Day Flight Tours in charming Jupiter Point, California. After his wild daredevil past, he’s sworn off relationships until Holly turns eighteen. Just three more years. No problem; he’s got this under control. Until a chance encounter with a smart, sassy bombshell-who just happens to be his new boss’s sister.

Since her father’s unsolved murder, Cassie Knight has spent over a decade on the road with her mother, memories chasing the fragile woman from town to town…or so Cassie thought. Only after returning to Jupiter Point does she learn something-or someone-all too real triggered their life on the run. Now, with her brother closing in on their father’s killer, Cassie’s free to pursue her own happiness for the first time. Enter smart, sexy, funny Kevin O’Donnell.

Of course they’ll have to keep it light. There’s a big off-limits sign on Kevin’s heart, and Cassie’s ready to hit the road the minute her father’s killer is found. She can do light-no problem. But she didn’t count on their sizzling chemistry…Holly’s suddenly odd behavior…and a killer who’s more cunning than the Knight family ever suspected. Too hot to handle? There’s only one way to find out.


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Deirdre’s gaze traveled past Cassie to Kevin—who Cassie had forgotten about in the shock of seeing the worst of all the ghosts from her past. “Well, even so, welcome back. Looks like things are going great for you.”

Cassie gritted her teeth. Going great? She’d spent the past twelve years babysitting her mother, and now was back to help her brothers find the man who had killed their father. By what crazy definition did that count as “going great”?

Then she realized what Deirdre must be talking about.

Kevin. The handsome stranger. Who’d just moved to town and therefore was unfamiliar to Deirdre.

Cassie leaned back until she made contact with Kevin, his hard chest warm against her shoulder blades. “Oh yes, things have been amazing. Really incredible. This is Kevin, by the way. Kevin, darling, this is Deirdre.”

She was putting complete faith in Kevin’s quick-wittedness. Would he come through? Would he want to come through? Just to emphasize the point, she put a hand on his knee. The feel of hard muscles under denim sent a thrill through her.

“Nice to meet you, Deirdre.” Kevin offered her a handshake, which meant he had to lean past Cassie in the process. The little hairs on Cassie’s skin rose up in response. He smelled really, really good. There was a clean, spicy aftershave involved, and then a hint of motor oil, which happened to be one of Cassie’s favorite smells. “Cassie’s told me so much about—” She twitched a little, enough to let him know he was on the wrong track, that she and Deirdre were not friends. Seamlessly, he switched gears. “Jupiter Point. It’s a pleasure to finally see it.”

“It’s a nice little town, great place to grow up, right Cassie?” Deirdre smiled at her a little ruefully.

Cassie stared in disbelief. Didn’t Deirdre remember all the crap she’d pulled, how she’d tormented her?

“That’s, uh…one way to put it,” she muttered.

Deirdre pulled a little face. Apology? Regret? None of the above? “Things changed a lot after you left. Maybe we can have lunch sometime and catch up.”

What the heck was Deirdre up to? Based on their past history, Cassie didn’t trust her for a second. Hell would freeze over and she’d be ice skating with the devil before she shared a meal with Deirdre.  “Oh, well, I’m going to be pretty busy, but we’ll see.”

Deirdre actually looked disappointed. “Working with your brothers?”

“They want me to, but I’ll probably pass on that. I’m used to fending for myself.”

“You always were a tough cookie. You got lucky, Kevin…” She drew it out as a question.

“Kevin O’Donnell.”

He put a warm hand on the curve of Cassie’s neck, where it met her shoulder. It rested lightly there, as if sending her a message. Relax. We got this. You’re all right. Normally, she wouldn’t be too crazy about a strange man putting his hand on her neck. But this felt good. Comforting.

“And are you two—” Deirdre glanced from one to the other of them.

“Absolutely,” Kevin said before she could finish the sentence.

“Oh yes.” Cassie nodded. “Definitely.”

Deirdre looked confused, probably because she hadn’t actually asked a question. “That’s cool. Honestly, you look really happy together. That’s great. It’s kind of a load off my mind, Cassie.”

What Cassie wouldn’t give to throat punch her right now. Why was it her job to relieve Deirdre’s guilty conscience? But now that she’d started down this path, she had to play it to the hilt. “Yup, it’s amazing how great sex can completely transform your life.” She reached up and touched Kevin’s jaw, her fingers passing lightly across the grain of his scruff.

On the back of her neck, his thumb made a slow, leisurely circle. “Oh come on, Cassie,” he murmured. “Sure, sex is important, but don’t forget the romance. That’s the real key,” he told Deirdre. “Those romantic gestures, mutual respect and adoration, always having each other’s backs, that’s what makes it work, you know?”

Deirdre sighed, as if his words had completely hypnotized her. “Wow. Where did you find him, Cassie?”

On a barstool at Barstow’s about ten minutes ago… “I guess I was just in the right place at the right time.”


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About Jennifer Bernard:

Jennifer Bernard author photoJennifer Bernard is a USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romance. Her books have been called “an irresistible reading experience” full of “quick wit and sizzling love scenes.” A graduate of Harvard and former news promo producer, she left big city life in Los Angeles for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She still hasn’t adjusted to the cold, so most often she can be found cuddling with her laptop and a cup of tea. No stranger to book success, she also writes erotic novellas under a naughty secret name that she’s happy to share with the curious.

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