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Pre-Release Review! TUMBLING HEAD OVER HEELS by Kacie West

Look at me, See how good we are together.

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A Fake Relationship Romcom Novella

Jack Nickles has lost his mind. That’s the only reason to explain why he convinces his Uber driver to be his fake fiancée.

One stupid mistake has earned him the label irresponsible playboy and to win his father’s respect he needs to prove that false. Bribing Kelly Jillian to attend the weekend conference so he can play family man seemed like the perfect plan.

The only rule—no touching. They are like oil and water, so it’ll be easy.

When Jack falls for the woman ten years his junior, will Kelly come tumbling after?

Author’s Note: Tumbling Head Over Heels is a stand-alone fake relationship, one-bed novella between a professional business man in his thirties and a curvy young heroine.
Kacie West is a pen name for the author duo Jenni Bara and AJ Ranney

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A really cute opposites attract/fake relationship sexy fairy tale-inspired story with bonus callbacks to Pretty Woman while we’re at it…

Though the way the characters decided they “had” to go the fake engagement route is a bit much, the authors did a nice job of working so many of the original nursery rhyme elements into their story. Beyond that, though, it’s also the story of two people who were a bit adrift in their individual lives finding their own way forward in the end–Jack finally proves his worth within his company, and Kelly finally finds herself the perfect career.

And hoo boy, do they have all kinds of sexy fun while they’re at it, too… 😉

My only complaint–and really, this is a 100% it’s-me-not-you issue here–is that the relationship advice the hero gets (from more than once source) felt a bit more plot device-y than organic. It’s a novella–we don’t have a ton of time for more natural relationship so it’s understandable that they’d need to find a way to fast forward them to the HEA. But–especially with it first coming from a new work colleague who has just met them both–felt a bit out of place. Still, it did get the get-them-to-their-HEA job done, so…

The authors are having a lot of fun with their Kacie West collaboration, and it shows 🙂 I can’t wait to see what they do with the next one!

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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