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New Release Review! CAUGHT BY YOU by Jennifer Bernard (Love Between the Bases #2)

Read more about CAUGHT BY YOU here–there’s an interview with Jennifer and a giveaway as well! So much fun!

Caught by You
by Jennifer Bernard


Though it had a slow start, once the ball got rolling (see what I did there?), I had a hard time putting Caught By You down. Mike Solo is my new fictional baseball player boyfriend, though I love Donna so much too that I *almost* feel guilty about it.

Almost. 😉

Ms. Bernard did a great job keeping the tension taut in this story, both in the romance and with their personal lives. After a somewhat awkward start (maybe it would have worked better for me if I’d been able to read book one, All of Me, and seen their early flirting first? Really, other than that this one worked just fine as a standalone, but now I’ve got to go back and read Caleb and Sadie’s story–pronto!) Both Mike and Donna have plenty going on outside their attraction for each other. Donna’s trying to remake her life and earn custody of her young son. Her own childhood was a prime example of less-than parenting, and she’s determined that her son’s will be different–but she’s got a wild past to atone for and an ex and his vengeful fiancee to battle first. Mike’s trying to move up to the majors–though he has to deal with a huge P.I.T.A. rookie pitcher first–and is struggling with significant concerns about his older brother’s health. He’s been estranged from his father and lost his then-fiancee when he chose to leave the Navy to give Joey a kidney, so he’s doubly motivated to make it big and prove himself.

Enter the fake (if you ask Donna, because she’s determined to marry for love) or not-so-fake (Mike’s POV, because he’s never going to fall in love again, so why the heck not? He really likes both Donna and Zack, so it can work, right?) engagement, which soon turns into a big baseball wedding and media circus.

Surely nothing can go wrong with this, right? 😉

I have to admit I wondered what was up with the odd suggestions Donna’s lawyer was giving her throughout much of the book–they just didn’t seem to make much sense. I was relieved to find out the reason why. Ms. Bernard pulled all the strings together in the end to give us a highly satisfying and believable ending, which she absolutely owed to us because oh my gosh, so much drama before that point! She had me all over the place on this one–laughing, tearing up, fanning myself…phew! Fortunately I had a slow morning at work today, because I was good for absolutely nothing until I saw Mike and Donna get their HEA.

Which they did. And it was awesome. 🙂

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.


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