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New Release Review and Giveaway! GETTING WOUND UP by Jennifer Bernard and Erin Nicholas (A Sapphire Falls/Love Between the Bases crossover)

 Enter to Win a signed copy of  Getting Over It by Erin Nicholas and Caught By You by Jennifer Bernard.

A Sapphire Falls/Love Between the Bases Crossover Novel
Jennifer Bernard & Erin Nicholas
Releasing April 12th, 2016
(Previously Released in Three Parts)
EN Fiction, Inc.

Caitlyn Murray has never let on that she’s had fantasies about her brother’s friend Eli Anderson for years. She’d do anything for the sexy baseball player who walked away from stardom to stay in Sapphire Falls and take care of his family. But she and Eli are friends. Just friends.

So when her brother hatches a plan to get Eli to the pro baseball try-out for the Kilby Catfish and another chance at his dream, Caitlyn is all in. After all, what’s a little kidnapping among friends?

A spot on the pitcher’s mound for the Catfish isn’t the only tempting thing about the spontaneous road trip. Eli already knows that Caitlyn is as sweet as the candies she makes for the Sapphire Falls bakery, but alone with her overnight in the tiny motel room in Kansas, it’s impossible to resist the urge to take a little taste.

But when that taste leads to falling for the girl next door just as his front door is moving hundreds of miles away, can Eli really have it all? Or do they have too many strikes against them?



 “Do you think I’ve changed?” She realized she was interrupting his list of possible new menu choices, but if she didn’t get this seduction ball rolling soon it might never happen.

He looked up, his fork poised in midair, and his eyes sparked. “Of course. The braids you had when you were ten weren’t purple.” He stabbed at something on the plate in front of him and held it up. “You haven’t tried this squid yet. The way they’ve braised it with currants and red wine is unusual, but it works. It’s probably not a great choice for a wedding, but it’d be a nice appetizer on the regular restaurant menu.”

“Have I changed in a good way or a bad?”

“Good, of course,” he said and continued chewing, but he frowned. “But I thought you were ne before.”

Fine? God, she really wasn’t good at this.

He pointed with his fork to the walls and furniture, completely oblivious to the first of her seduction techniques. “How do you think this decor works? I like the turquoise and silver color scheme to represent the colors of Greece, but I’d probably make it even more contemporary—use more glass and brushed metal but with the budget—”

“I didn’t realize you’d noticed me before.” She did the slow blink thing that Genie had insisted would be guaranteed to get his attention. It felt like she was one of those openmouthed clowns at the fair, waiting for him to put a ping-pong ball in her mouth.

There was that warm grin again. It was small and hard won, but it was worth the wait. “I noticed you when you followed Nick and me around, wanting to know how our toy guns worked, pleading with us to help you with one of your experiments.”

She took another mouthful of the water and let her shoulders relax as the bubbles tickled the roof of her mouth. He’d been surprised when she said she wouldn’t have a glass of wine. She’d thought about disclosing her illness, but she still wasn’t sure that he wouldn’t tell her parents, or worse, stop her from being involved at all.

“I noticed you all the time.” There, she’d said it. She held her breath.

“Why, because you were wondering if I’d try to put a frog down your back?”
She didn’t answer, just stared at him the way Genie had promised would have him begging for her to touch him. He looked up and the expression on his face changed and he gave a small cough. “Don’t tell me you had a crush on me.”

Was his emphasis on “crush” because he was completely horrified by the concept, or because he’d been hoping for so long that she’d felt that way that he couldn’t believe she’d finally said it?


Such a sweet story!

Caitlyn and Eli are an absolutely adorable couple–even if it takes them ages to actually get to that point! Both have put their dreams on hold for family–Eli gave up his baseball scholarship to take over the family business after his dad had a stroke, and Cait came back home after an accident left her brother in a wheelchair. They’ve known each other their whole lives, pretty much, though it’s taken them almost that long to figure out that they should be together.

Cait figures it out sooner, of course. Isn’t that always the way? But once Eli clues in, man, is that guy all in! I loved watching them together–Eli is awesome boyfriend material, and Cait’s tendency to go all out with whatever she’s doing (the bouquet in the locker room for Eli’s b-day–genius!) really adds to the story. It got to be a little frustrating when each of them decides (on their own, of course–neither one would have let the other do it otherwise, thank goodness) that a sacrifice is needed and each determines that he/she is the one who had to make it…but fortunately, they worked it out in the end, and yay! with such fantastic results.

This book just kept making me smile 🙂

I’ve only read one other Love Between the Bases book ( Caught by You ) so far and no (!) Sapphire Falls books–yet–Getting Wound Up worked just fine as a standalone and as an intro to both series, if the need be.

And my TBR pils grows again!

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.

Jennifer Bernard is a graduate of Harvard and a former news promo producer. The child of academics, she confounded her family by preferring romance novels to … well, any other books. She left big city life for true love in Alaska, where she now lives with her husband and stepdaughters. She’s no stranger to book success, as she also writes erotic novellas under a naughty secret name not to be mentioned at family gatherings.

Erin Nicholas is the author of sexy contemporary romances. Her stories have been described as toe-curling, enchanting, steamy and fun. She loves to write about reluctant heroes, imperfect heroines and happily ever afters. She lives in the Midwest with her husband who only wants to read the sex scenes in her books, her kids who will never read the sex scenes in her books, and family and friends who say they’re shocked by the sex scenes in her books (yeah, right!).

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