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New Release Review! DIRTY SCORE by Skye Jordan (Rough Riders Hockey #3)

Dirty Score
by Skye Jordan


Rafe “Savage” lives up to his name on the ice and in the bedroom. Forging a legacy as the Rough Riders’ most notorious playboy is easy when the woman he really wants is off limits. Mia’s brother isn’t just Rafe’s best friend, he’s also a teammate. With the Cup in sight, Rafe won’t screw with anything that threatens the team’s winning streak. But when Mia comes to town on a mission of her own, one little woman may turn out to be the toughest opponent Rafe’s ever faced.

When it comes to men, Mia is everyone’s best friend. But when it comes to romance, her relationships are destined for failure. With a new job awaiting her on the other side of the country, she’s determined to start fresh. To do that, she needs to let go of this stupid crush once and for all.

Seducing Rafe isn’t just the best option; it’s her only option. Until she discovers he’s been harboring the same feelings. And with his team weeks away from the biggest game of their career, and Mia’s new life waiting, their no strings affair threatens to tear both their worlds apart.



Loved this one!

Best friend’s little sister can be a great troupe, and Rafe and Mia had a bit of an extra complication added in since Tate’s (Mia’s half brother) dad was the dominant father figure in Rafe’s life as well–so by getting involved with Mia, Rafe would be endangering his relationships with both his best friend and the guy who’s acted as his father for years. Talk about pressure…

Which is why he’s avoided getting involved with Mia in any way he can–for the past year, it’s been by avoiding her altogether. But Mia’s had enough of that, so Rafe had better watch out 😉

Rafe and Mia had all kinds of chemistry, and lots and lots of super-steamy encounters–but running below the surface is all kinds of angst (the good kind, for the readers–for the characters, not so much!), since they have real reasons why they can’t stay together.

But OMG, these two need to be together. And Ms. Jordan makes us wait until nearly the very end to see how they can possibly manage it. Evil of her, but fortunately the journey to get us all there is so, so good!

Plus, did I mention there’s hockey? Bonus!

Dirty Score is definitely my favorite of the series so far…though I have high hopes for Tate’s story. Fingers crossed that he’s going to be next!

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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