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New Release Review! NEVER A BRIDE by Megan Frampton (Duke’s Daughters #4)

She’s a deliciously scandalous woman who is no man’s bride…

He’s a black sheep, forced to return home.

Together, they enter a make-believe betrothal that shocks London society…

After twelve years in Her Majesty’s Navy, Griffith Davies must leave his sea-going life of outrageous freedom behind, forced to rejoin London society as the heir to the Duke of Northam. But though he is now shackled to the land, he has no desire to wed some innocently dull young thing. Who best to shield him from the matchmakers than a woman as notorious as he?

Lady Della Howlett’s reputation was tattered years ago, so entering into a false engagement with Griffith is hardly going to make matters worse. What’s one more shock to the ton to set their tongues wagging? And this pact certainly has its pleasures; the passion Griffith commands in her goes well beyond their agreement. Could her feelings be more honorable than she’d first imagined?

Soon, Griffith and Della are arousing more than scandal; they’re courting heartbreak. And more than their reputations could still be at risk. 

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I really enjoyed Della and Griff’s story. Her many, many nicknames for him cracked me up (“Captain Enormous, Viscount Whatshisname of the Broad Shoulders” and “Lord Skilled with His Fingers” are but two of them) and his love for his cousin and his men (and, of course, the heroine, eventually) was wonderful to observe. Della’s been a bit of a mystery in the series thus far, so I enjoyed seeing things from her point-of-view even when it was mildly aggravating at times (like the reason for their relationship black moment; though to be fair, she forgave him without making him go through excessive hoopery, though she did employ a rather interesting–ahem–instructive method to help make her point. 😉 )

Della’s sisters do play a bit of a role here–it’s really just a supportive one–which you’ll appreciate if you’ve read their stories but you can still enjoy even if you haven’t yet. (I still haven’t read the first book in the series yet; I know, the horror! I will, though, soon!)

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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