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New Release Review! MOON SHOT by Tara Wyatt (Dallas Longhorns #4)

Moon Shot cover

Dallas Longhorns manager Javier Flores’ plate isn’t just full—it’s overflowing. Not only is he focused on taking the Longhorns to the World Series this year, but he’s also fighting his ex-wife for shared custody of his two daughters. He doesn’t have room for distractions, even if he is lonely. But when he wakes up beside his nemesis, sports agent Aerin Stone, the morning after a few too many drinks at a wedding reception, he is definitely distracted.

Aerin knows better than most what it’s like to have her heart ripped into a million pieces. She knows what it means to have her entire world crash and burn. And she knows that she’s better off alone, even if she did have the best sex of her life with Javi Flores. It doesn’t matter how good it was, because it can’t ever happen again. After all, she doesn’t even like him. He’s too uptight, too bossy, too sexy. Too dangerous. Too risky for her wounded heart.

But one night isn’t enough to quench the pent-up lust burning between Javi and Aerin, and for once they agree on something: they want more, even if it’s the worst idea either of them has ever had. Because everyone knows what they say about the best laid plans…


I feel like I might say this with every book that comes out in this series, but…this one is my new favorite! <3

I loved Javi and Aerin’s story–and not just because it felt like we were waiting for it forever! They’ve been tap dancing around each other for three previous books now–and for Javi, at least, it was clear this was going to be one heck of an enemies-to-lovers to frienemies-with-benefits to maybe we’re not frienemies? to oh, shoot, we’re in a relationship! story. Aerin might have started out on step two there…guys are always a few steps behind, aren’t they? 😉 To be fair, even she admits that their initial antagonism was 100% her fault…

I liked that both MCs are older (in their thirties) and have had relationships before (boy did I feel for him when Javi lamented the day after celebrating a win with his team, AKA a bunch of “guys in their twenties”–he came out better than I would have!) To say they came with baggage is a bit of an understatement; at the book’s beginning neither of them is in a place where HEAs seem like an actual possibility. Aerin’s not over the disastrous way her first marriage ended, let alone the damage growing up in her family inflicted; Javi’s in the middle of a custody battle with his ex-wife and feels like that plus work necessarily take up all of his bandwidth.

In short, neither of them wants, let alone is looking for, a relationship. But a “with benefits” deal? That might be doable–until it turns into something more. And before they know it they’re breaking all of their own rules…

Moon Shot is the 4th book in the Dallas Longhorns series, but it would work just fine as a standalone. If you’re a fan of steamy romances featuring guys in tight pants, though, do yourself a favor and read the first three books too–you won’t be sorry! (Trust me–I am not a baseball fan, but somehow I can’t get enough of these baseball romances!)

Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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