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Release Day Review! SNOW JOB by Tara Wyatt

Snow Job cover

Sebastian Prescott once had it all. A promising career as an Olympic-bound snowboarder, money, youth, and a bright future. But after a devastating knee injury, everything came off the rails for Sebastian, sending him on a ten year downward spiral capped off by losing his job. And Sebastian places the blame for getting fired entirely on the shoulders of Kayla Bristowe, the woman who’d been working directly under him—and the subject of his fantasies—for the past three years.

So when a corporate retreat brings Kayla face to face with Sebastian, who’s now working as a snowboarding instructor at the resort hosting the retreat, to say she’s shocked to see him is an understatement. His anger over what happened is palpable. So is the chemistry still sizzling between them. Chemistry that Kayla tries desperately to ignore because she’s on the hunt for Mr. Perfect. And while Sebastian is a lot of things–sexy, arrogant, and a walking train wreck come to mind–her ex-boss is most definitely not Mr. Perfect.

But mother nature has other plans, and Kayla and Sebastian end up snowed in together with only one bed. Alone with Kayla, Sebastian’s fantasies come roaring back to life, despite the lingering animosity between them. But she’s no longer off limits because he’s not her boss anymore. At least, not out of bed…

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I needed a book to keep me warm this winter weekend, and Sebastian and Kayla’s enemies-to-lovers, it’s-a-raging-blizzard-and-there’s-only-one-bed story did not disappoint!

In his brother Theo’s story ( Stupid Love ), it’s clear that Sebastian is in major, self-destructive trouble, though we don’t know exactly why. In his book, we find out–just a few chapters after his coworker Kayla inadvertently gets him fired. (OK, you can *also* find out why by reading the blurb for this book. But we’ve proved beyond question that *I* don’t do that, surely? ;))

Three months later, Bastian is on his way to a healthier place–he has a job he enjoys, friendly coworkers, and he hasn’t been at all tempted to slide back into his bad habits. Until his former coworkers arrive at his new workplace for a retreat–which naturally has been organized by his nemesis Kayla.

Like with Theo and Lauren, it’s perfectly clear to the reader–and to Kayla and Bastian’s friends and family–that these two crazy kids will make a great couple. It takes Kayla and Bastian a little bit longer–not to mention a blizzard, a sprained ankle, and of course just one bed to get them on the same page. But get there they do–and OMG, get ready to melt all that winter snow, because boy is it H.O.T. 😉

What I really like about this series–besides the wonderful characters and their fabulous chemistry–is that Ms Wyatt doesn’t let any of them get too bogged down in over-the-top drama and angst on their way to an HEA. Even though the Prescott brothers (and sister Aerin from Moon Shot ) had a pretty crappy childhood which will of course try to get in the way of their happily-ever-afters, the siblings are always there for each other and are not afraid to tell one of them when he (or she) is being their own worst enemy and needs to get their head out of their posterior and fix what’s wrong with their (love) life before it’s too late. Bastian’s story is no exception–though his past ends up bringing some pretty scary consequences into his present that temporarily derail his new relationship with Kayla, the other Prescotts aren’t going to let him crash and burn all alone.

And now it’s three Prescotts down, two to go… 😉

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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