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New Release Review! THAT DEEP RIVER FEELING by Jackie Ashenden (Alaska Homecoming #3)

That Deep River Feeling cover

Jackie Ashenden brings the heat to Alaska in her contemporary romance featuring:
-An independent woman dedicated to protecting her town—and her heart
-A mysterious mountain man with a past shrouded in secrets
-A small Alaska town that’ll take your breath away

Zeke Calhoun doesn’t care much about Deep River, but he’ll do just about anything to keep the promise he made to look out for his best friend’s sister.

As the sole police officer in Deep River, Morgan West won’t be bossed around, but Zeke is irresistible. He’s tough, challenging, and all kinds of sexy, but getting involved is the last thing on her mind. Or is it…?

“The heroes of Deep River are as rugged and wild as the landscape.”—MAISEY YATES, New York Times bestselling author

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Oh, this was just lovely. In a strange coincidence, I chose to read three books fairly close together that all have the grumpy one and the sunshine one trope in them ( It Happened One Summer , Neon Gods , and this one) and though they’re all very different–and very good!–I think Ms Ashenden might win the award for best grumpy bear hero out of the three.

Though I’m still in the middle of Katee Robert‘s book. If that changes, I’ll let you know 😉

I loved the whole atmosphere of this book–the town of Deep River, its people, and OMG Zeke and Morgan–the spell the author wove with her words here was really something else. At first glance Zeke and Morgan are one of those couples that really shouldn’t work–she’s a small town cop who is used to making things right for everyone around her, the little sister of one of his best friends, and the last remaining West in a town that was founded and owned by Wests; he’s left his home and his family behind and is happier living on his own in the woods than with anyone else, barely even lets his friends get to know him, and doesn’t even attempt to develop any type of people skills, ever. He’s determined to help her and then duck out of town; she is just as determined that she doesn’t need to be helped.

They should repel each other, but instead they find themselves inexplicitly drawn together–and Ms Ashenden makes it all 100% believable. I loved the glimpses she gave us into Zeke’s head as much as those we get into Morgan’s (poor Morgan! She’s the one who takes the most risks the earliest, and Zeke just tramples all over her. I wanted to have his head for a hot minute or ten.)

The black moment here is black, black, black, and soooo hard to read. Though the resolution is ultimately satisfying, I did think Zeke got off a tad bit too easily in figuring out what he really wanted (a conversation with someone else essentially did the job…) Still, I put this one down with a warm glowy feeling inside.

That Deep River Feeling is the third book in her Alaska Homecoming series. I haven’t read the first two (yet! You’d better believe they’re on my TBR now!) and it did work OK as a standalone. Reading the other two books first would definitely give readers a fuller picture of what is happening with the town and the oil company and Zeke’s two friends and their place in the town, so if you are able I would recommend reading them in order.

(Just don’t plan on doing so using the NYPL digital offerings or Audible, though–NYPL only has the first book on audio and in ebook, and Audible only has this book available. 🙁 )

Rating: 4 1/2 stars / A

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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