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New Release Review! BAREFOOT AT MOONRISE by Roxanne St. Claire (Barefoot Bay Timeless #2)


Barefoot at Moonrise
by Roxanne St. Claire


As a firefighter, Captain Ken Cavanaugh knows his way around dangerous situations—but he’d rather run into a burning building than help plan his 25th high school reunion in Barefoot Bay. Unfortunately, it’s his best chance of finally putting things right with Beth Endicott two and a half decades after they ended so badly. But the instant they see each other again, the years blow away like ashes in the heat of their combustible chemistry. For one single night, they let their incendiary passion consume them…but in the morning, they’re still left with the smoldering wreckage of a relationship that ended in tragedy.

Raised under the thumb of a rich and controlling man, Beth has spent her adult years craving freedom. Now that she’s finally managed to carve out an independent life, is she ready to risk her heart on the first man she ever loved—a man who blames her family for his father’s death? With so much painful history between them, Beth can’t see a way to have a future with Ken. But one stunning surprise will turn everything they ever believed upside down and send them straight into each other’s arms.

Ken is willing to put everything on the line for the family he’s always wanted, but Beth knows the past that ruined them could flare into heartache again. It will take all her newfound courage to prove she would walk through fire for this second chance with the love of her life.



My favorite of the Barefoot Bay universe so far!

I really enjoyed Barefoot at Moonrise. A second-chance romance with a firefighter hero (and his un-firefighterly dog)? Yes, please! I loved “only you can call me” Kenny and “poster child for independent women” Beth. Together or apart, they are a hero and heroine it’s easy to root for. They’re not perfect–Beth takes the independent bit a little too far at times, and Ken has a tendency to see things as a bit more black-and-white then they actually are–but together they compliment each other nicely.

Plus, did I mention there’s a dog involved? And a shirtless firefighter performing a demolition of a kitchen and master bath? Not to mention Ken has a a boat and a dock with a nice big Adirondack chair on it. Waterfront. Property. Really, I’m not sure what more you could want from a hero. Goodness knows he had me from page one.

And Beth owns her own business and typically does her own demolitions, except when she can’t because of reasons. How cool is that?

Though it’s second in the trilogy, Moonrise worked just fine as a standalone. It gives you enough of a glimpse of the hero of book one (Mike from Barefoot at Sunset) and book three (Lawson from Barefoot at Midnight–I cannot wait to see that guy become a one-woman man! I’m pretty sure there will be kicking and screaming involved) that you’ll probably find your TBR increasing by two more before you’re even finished with this one.

The Barefoot Bay Timeless trilogy almost makes me want to go to my next high school reunion.

But only almost. Because really, let’s not get crazy. It is fiction, after all. And I remember high school just a little too well, for all that it was mumble, mumble years ago. 😉

Rating: 4 stars / B+

I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.
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