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Brandon Forte (Hero of ABOLUTE TRUST by Piper J. Drake): Naughty or Nice? (w/a New Release Review and Giveaway!)

When Buzzfeed knows whether Brandon Forte is Naughty or Nice 

…based on his TV preferences

Sophie: Pick a streaming service.

Brandon: Netflix

Sophie: Pick a sitcom.

Brandon: How I Met Your Mother

Sophie: Pick a drama.

Brandon: Seriously? I don’t watch any of these. Fine. Orange is the New Black.

Sophie: Pick a Sci Fi.

Brandon: Doctor Who. 

Sophie: Ooh. Wait, do you only watch it because I do? Never mind. Pick a fantasy.

Brandon: Game of Thrones

Sophie: Pick a teen soap.

Brandon: I don’t even know what these are! Whatever. One Tree Hill.

Sophie: Result: you’re on the naughty list!

Brandon: What does this have to do with our lives?

Sophie: That’s not the point. This is fun.


To take the quiz yourself; find it here: 

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Title: Absolute Trust
Series: True Heroes #3
Author: Piper J Drake
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: December 20, 2016
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing – Forever
Format: Digital and Mass Market Paperback
ISBN: 9781455536085



After multiple tours of duty, Brandon Forte returns to his hometown on a personal mission: to open a facility for military working dogs like Haydn, a German Shepherd Dog who’s seen his share of combat and loss. It also brings him back to Sophie Kim, a beacon of light in his life . . . and the one woman he can’t have. But Forte’s success means he’s made enemies in high places. Enemies who are now after Sophie . . .

When Forte enlisted and left without saying goodbye, Sophie did her best to move on. But with her first love back in town, looking sexier than ever, she’s constantly reminded of what they could have had. Then after he risks himself for her, Sophie realizes she’ll have to put her life in the hands of the man who broke her heart, knowing the danger -and the sparks between them- could consume them both.

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Between one moment and the next, he was right there next to her, kneeling so they were face to face. She let out the air in her lungs in a rush, not sure of what she wanted to do or what he was planning to do. She parted her lips but didn’t say anything, didn’t want to put another question out there for him to address before he answered the one she really wanted to know.

Because she was hoping he was here for her—not his childhood friend—but for the very adult version of her who’d been waiting for him all this time.

Faster than she could react, his lips caught hers. The contact rushed through her in a lightning shot of surprise. Years of bottled-up frustration bubbled up and she leaned into him with a soft gasp.

And then he pulled back and she was left trying to catch her breath.

Slowly, carefully, he slid his arms around her back and under her knees. He cradled her against his chest and tucked her head under his chin. Circled as she was in his embrace, he held her close. He pressed his lips against her hair.

“That was too close yesterday, Sophie.” His voice was low, gruff, and almost cracked with emotion. “The thought of losing you just about killed me.”



I love this series!

Finally we have Brandon and Sophie’s story–I feel like we’ve been waiting forever for it. Totally worth it, though. 😉 Brandon and Sophie has a past–they’ve known each other since they were children, and were each others’ firsts–until Brandon left for the military after graduation without a word to Sophie before he left.

Now it’s years later, he’s back and has started Hope’s Crossing Kennels, and Sophie’s made herself a part of the business since the start as part time accountant and weekend baker of treats. And as always, piner-after-of-Brandon, who’s got her firmly in the friend zone…except in his thoughts, which are a little less friendly and a little more x-rated.

But suddenly Sophie’s in danger–is it Brandon’s fault? Or has something in her life triggered it?–and Brandon and his latest project, German Shepherd Hadyn, are on the job, determined to keep her safe. Can he keep his distance and safe her life? (Of course not! What would be the fun in that?)

Romantic suspense, hot ex-military guys, dogs, and this time, a cat–really, it’s like Christmas has come early!

Now that all three of the men of Hope’s Crossing Kennels have found their HEAs, here’s hoping Ms. Drake has a new and even more exciting series in store for us 🙂

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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About Piper J. Drake:

Piper J. Drake (or “PJ”) began her writing career as “PJ Schnyder” writing award-winning sci-fi & paranormal romance and steampunk. She has received the FF&P PRISM award for her work as well as the NJRW Golden Leaf award and Parsec award.

Now, Piper writes romantic suspense, incorporating her interests in mixed martial arts and the military into her writing.

Connect with Piper at: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Google + | GoodReads| Youtube


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