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Release Day Review! WISHING ON SNOWFLAKES by Natalie Parker (Silver Lining #1)

Wishing on Snowflakes cover


People don’t exactly know me for my coordination around here.

Hell, I couldn’t even storm out on my cheating, embezzling ex, gracefully.

Ah well, life is full of tradeoffs, like this brand new custom snowboard I confiscated from the jerkwad that I don’t know what the hell to do with – that is until I meet a handsome nerdy snowboard instructor who has an idea.

A physically-fit adonis who tears up the snowy mountain, Kyle is a techy nerd when he’s off the slopes… and I find both sides of him dreamily sexy, not to mention, sweet.

He doesn’t even give my klutziness a second thought when he offers to teach me how to board.

He believes in me, and he may make me believe in love again.


A beautiful goddess quite literally just stumbled into my life, and now I never want to let her go – one, because I’m crazy about her and want to keep her close, and two, to keep her from tripping over air.

Not only do I find her adorable when she knocks things over, but I’m absolutely smitten with the way she owns it. Add that to the fact that she seems to be enamored with all of me, nerdiness and all.

The two of us meeting is like a wish coming true.

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Such a fun novella!

I like the overarching series premise here–people making wishes in a local bar which one by one seem to be coming true, despite the bartender’s skepticism–and that the first couple, Gwen and Kyle, are completely oblivous that their whole story is someone’s wish fulfillment.

I loved that the things that the main characters were used to being teased about–Gwen’s clumsiness and Kyle’s nerdiness–are actually a part of their initial attraction for each other. Ms Parker manages to make their story both sexy and sweet at the same time. This is my first book from her, but it probably won’t be my last!

Now, I have to admit I’m *almost* tempted to sign up for TikTok and check out these lightsaber videos Gwen’s so fond of… 😉

Rating: 4 stars / A-

I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

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